Android Security: How Users are Safe with Protectstar’s Artificial Intelligence Antivirus App?

Android malware typically assumes one of the two forms – First, the malware belonging to this set, tricks and traps the users into granting device or app access permissions to reach sensitive data harboured on the users’ android mobile device.

Second, this class of malware gains unwarranted access to users’ android devices and assigns themselves administrator privileges, so they don’t have to ask users' permission now and then. They access sensitive user data conspicuously while the user is unaware of its underlying operations.

Suppose ads constantly appear on the Android mobile device screen, icons seem to disappear suddenly, battery drains away quickly, unidentified icons show up out of nowhere, then it must be a malware attack. Therefore, users need a comprehensive antivirus solution to neutralise these threats.

Recently, we found one of the best coherent android antivirus products – the Antivirus AI Android app by PROTECTSTAR. We elaborate here on the top features of this brilliant android anti-malware app.

Vaccination Against Malware

This antivirus product thrives on artificial intelligence. It scans the android devices incessantly in real time to catch potential malware threats. Any suspected signatures are escalated to the AI cloud for analysis. On confirmation of a threat, the infected device is remedied by counteractions. So also, all other android devices globally are vaccinated for the novice threat detected.

AI Scanning Engine Detects Adaptive Malware

AI antivirus is highly sensitive to malware signatures. It can detect even slight variations in the patterns with commendable accuracy. In addition, this antivirus maintains an updated global threat intelligence database for future uses.

This Android security app employs self-discovery technology and doesn’t require explicit user instructions to scan the device and identify irregular patterns, processes, and authorisation.

AI Threat Prevention

User data is secured on all fronts as this app puts up a brave fight against spyware, advanced persistent threats, and trojans to the point AI antivirus is even adopted for data security purposes by the state authorised bodies too.

Users are also safe guarded against spyware like mSpy often used by the government and law enforcement agencies. Additionally, AI antivirus identifies any active SMS or GPS trackers. A great app to stay protected from espionage attacks. 

Dynamic Deep Detection 

New threats and other existing threats are detected even in the remote corners of the device within milliseconds. AI antivirus is dynamic, never rests, and provides android device protection around the clock. Highly efficient in stopping malware infections.

Prohibits Hacking Attacks

AI antivirus is an expert at blocking hackers from gaining unauthorised access to user information. After a hacking attack is suspected, the user is alerted to change login credentials or other personal information to prevent damage. It also provides the users with a report on the leaked user data and the websites from where hackers sourced the information.

Enhanced Protection

Android users can use this app along with the regular android antivirus apps for extra protection.


AI antivirus is available in free and pro editions. Users may choose the appropriate plan on a need basis. The business edition will be rolled out soon!

To be more intelligent than the malicious attackers, an anti-malware strategy that includes the cloud, digital networks, android mobile devices, and global threat intelligence is fundamental. Antivirus AI Android app by PROTECTSTAR would fit the bill. Users must explore this app’s functionality to secure their data from external risk factors and empower their android smartphones and devices.