Cyber spying is on the rise - here's how you can avert webcam spying


This isn’t the movies anymore, nobody needs to come into your house with a USB and install a virus into your computer systems to hack your cameras these days. All it takes is a simple click and voila, you are now visible to the entire cyber world without your consent. The majority of our lives are spent on social media and the internet, and yet we do not realize how vulnerable we are out there.

Is it really that bad?

Users commonly believe that cyber hacking is just an extreme spectrum that resigns itself to important targets and individuals who actually possess a certain worth but the truth is, the average person is just as vulnerable, if not more so. Cyber spying is no more just a myth and your everyday life is threatened by these simple cameras. One would never expect their own devices to be the cause of their downfall but it’s high time that we discard the notion that we are somehow exempted from these attacks.

How do we protect ourselves?

One could always tape their cameras like the CEO of Facebook does, but that is extremely inconvenient, isn’t it? This is why you need to invest in a Camera guard. There are apps that provide protection against webcam spying that ensure that no hacker, spy, or malware can observe you. Apps such as Protectstar who have been notably credited with its efficiency can protect your camera and ultimately, you, against all security breaches. These apps can detect not only all the known attack signatures but also the unknown attacks with its heuristic methods.

Is it worth it?

These apps consume minimum storage space and do not cause any other inefficiencies, unlike antivirus software which causes network lag and packet data loss. They do not cause connective fluctuations and all other running apps will be monitored for security breaches, but will not be hindered. You are literally just a click away from protecting yourself from imminent attacks, and it costs you nothing. Who is going to resist free protection?


One must always be wary about the dangers of the cyber world and this is just one of the few steps anyone can implement to achieve a modicum of privacy. What have you got to lose you say? Probably more than you will ever know, why take a chance?