Get Indissoluble Data Deletion On Windows, Thanks To iShredder Windows!


In this fast-paced world driven by technology, data plays a quintessential role. It is the pivot around which other facets of the cyber world rotate. Data is being used for predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, the medical world, in national and international intelligence sectors, and at so many more places. Even if we omit the usage in these professional and commercial sectors, it can be safely said that personal data is abundant too! Our need to store data has increased and so has the market of storage devices in micro and macro forms. However, the aspect of data that has received the most aggregation is the rate at which data is getting obsolete. The rate is higher in the work sector, but as personal users, we are contributing to this data antiquation too. But the real threat lies hidden elsewhere!

The work of the ‘delete’ button on your Windows PC

Whatever variant of Windows it might be - the dated Windows XP or the middle-aged Windows 7 and Windows 8 or the currently popular Windows 10 - you must know that they have a certain way around deleting data that can open up your Windows PC to multiple data scams. By data scams, it means someone can steal your data and leverage it to demand something from you. You must wonder that data cannot be stolen if it has been deleted. Whereas the reality is completely different!

When you press the ‘delete’ button for something on Windows, the data is not deleted, but the path to that data block is removed. Space is shown as free and new data can be overwritten on that data block. But the real security issue that can arise out of this is - unscrupulous people can retrieve your data even after it’s deleted. They can gather sensitive information like passwords and payment details. They can decide to leverage your data and ask for money or just land you in debt by using your payment options and fulfill their needs.

The safety net

Avoiding such mishaps is very important and this application will assist you in permanently deleting your data. The word - ‘indissoluble’ means ‘unable to be destroyed’. The data deletion algorithms used by iShredder Windows are really indissoluble due to the following reasons:

  • European General Data Protection Regulation norms compliant: The data deletion algorithms of this application corroborate the norms of the ‘European General Data Protection Regulation’.
  • Multiple ‘passes’: The data is deleted and multiple passes are made on the same memory block with random memory values so that the old data is overwritten and completely unretrievable. The process repeats such passes depending on the deletion algorithm applied.
  • Erasure reports: You can verify that the data has really been deleted with the data erasure confirmation reports.


This application cares for none and makes sure every byte of data is securely erased. Temporary files, external memory drives - nothing can escape the mighty clasp of iShredder Windows.