Get international security standard compliant data protection on Windows!


The world is going cyber, and with the rising cases of cybercrime and data theft, one needs to always be wary of how to protect their devices and the data on it. The data that one thinks is deleted, such as photos, important conversations and documents can easily be salvaged using the right algorithms and procedures. This can be avoided if you permanently delete the data by using a shredder app or data erasure apps but the trick is to find the right app. The majority of these apps can get the job done, but only partially and are hence of no use and this is why one needs to download Protectstar’s iShredder Windows which offers international security standards for data protection.

Importance of data privacy

There are constant headlines regarding the leakage of a company’s flagship product or private information being bartered by social media giants to external companies and other cases of cybercrime where sensitive information reaches the wrong hands, and if used maliciously, the results can be disastrous. Keeping one’s own business as his own entirely is a major flex in the modern world, as everything and anything is constantly uploaded to the social media channels. This is why the need to keep important and sensitive information to yourself takes prime priority. The aftereffects can be something minor, maybe someone gets a hold of your private conversations and posts them online, but it can also get blown out of proportion when blackmails and threats are instigated using the same information that you thought was ‘deleted’.

Steps for ensuring the safety of your data

iShredder Windows deletes your data, for good. There are various platforms that provide the required apps for free, and investing in an international security standard compliant data protection app for windows is the easiest way to go about it. iShredder Windows use deletion algorithms that overwrite and encrypt your data multiple times so that even if intercepted it will not be accessible.

Advantages of iShredder Windows

  • The international security standard is upheld and this is proved by the use of these apps by the military, government, and affiliated entrepreneurs and big companies.
  • The data is permanently deleted by constantly overwriting the data with certified algorithms. The chances of your data being ‘peeked’ into by unwanted eyes are extremely improbable once done.
  • One can organize their workspace and storage capacity by securely and permanently deleting unwanted documents, photos, etc.
  • Erasure data reports that help confirm your permanent deletion status, assuring you of its robust process.
  • Certified deletion algorithms that have surpassed international security standards are instilled into these apps and if the military and the government use it, you know they HAVE to be valid.


Data protection is made easier and more convenient by simply investing in iShredder Windows, to get international security standard compliant data protection.