Here's How To Ensure Your Camera Stays Your Camera!


We interact with our computers and smartphone the most nowadays. From video conferencing, online meeting to attending online classes and courses, they are our first choice! We cannot think of working or schooling without our computers and the internet connection. However, our usage is unprotected in many ways and it often opens the path for other malicious activities. Online scams are common and it is often reported in the news that someone was being spied upon for a long time and then they suffered some sort of financial loss or their names get involved in something bad that they might not have been a part of.

Although these events happen very often and devastate the user, people who get to know about these from the news and other media outlets often turn a deaf ear to them. The advice is given out by cybersecurity experts, but it proceeds unheeded by anybody. A culmination of several such factors leads to a bigger and far more sinister event. And all of it takes nothing but your computer’s webcam and microphone and a phone’s front camera.

How does it happen?

If the event of scamming using your computer’s webcam and microphone seems too good to be true, then one has not yet been exposed to the process in which such scams occur. All this process needs is a human who is working remotely, maybe a hacker, scammer, or someone from some sort of government agency. The motive might remain unknown, but disregarding the status that one might think they have, they can easily get into your computer. Some scripts or a trojan or a malware - that is all that’s required by them so that they can sneak one into your device and the monitoring begins without any sort of hassle.

You might be under the impression that your computer would notify you when the webcam and microphone are being used, but their codes are sophisticated enough! Their codes can help them remotely access your webcam and microphone and record you without your knowledge. And you will not be able to find out as they can remotely disable your webcam’s notifying LED.


The solution to this problem is not far fetched as one can use PROTECTSTAR’s Camera Guard application for their devices - be it a smartphone or a computer. With the application, one can enjoy features like:

  • Enable and disable your webcam and microphone according to your needs with the webcam and microphone blocker.
  • You can set a PIN for your applications on a shared network so that no one can access them without your permission.
  • This software also protects you from ransomware, which is an added benefit.
  • The software also acts as a vigilante and records the applications that want access to the camera and also detects other evil-intentioned attempts.

Overall, this is the application for your personal computers and smartphones that makes sure your security is not being negotiated with anybody.