How To Permanently Delete Files And Data In Windows!


If you delete a file in Windows and the recycle bin, be it Windows XP. Windows & or 8 or even Windows 10, it can still be retrieved. What the Windows OS does, in this case, is - it deletes the link to that data block where the data was stored. Unless the data was overwritten between deletion and an attempt at recovery, it can be easily restored, even after you have deleted it from the recycle bin. Free tools that promise to permanently delete data do not have much in stock and often bluff about their capabilities. They do not comply with most data deletion rules and data security norms either!

What is data privacy and how does it impact us?

Data privacy is paramount in the 21st century. Consider anything, from business to technology, everything is data-driven. Data forms the basis of logical decisions, analyzing situations, and even to understand consumer and product behavior. Even if someone does not want to go into such complications, let us say, how would you feel if someone takes your private photos and videos that you had thought were gone because they were deleted, in the hands of a scammer? What will you do if they hold your data as hostage and demand money? Or what if they scrap those efforts altogether and just get your banking passwords and credit card numbers and render you economically dysfunctional. And all of this would take place because apparently, your data was ‘deleted’, whereas, in reality, it wasn’t!

How can one sort themselves out of this mess?

Thankfully, iShredder Windows application is helpful enough and sorts out these issues easily. You will not lose any of your data on your Windows PC. The software is very powerful and uses certain deletion algorithms that make certain ‘passes’ or data wiping and overwrite cycles so that all of your data is truly deleted. You won’t need to fear anyone spying on your computer or data retrieval by scammers if they somehow get a hold of your PC.

What are the perks of using this software?

  • Multiple overwrite procedures: The industry cybersecurity expert certified methods are used to overwrite the data multiple times with different ‘passes’. Such passes demolish the probability of someone retrieving the data from your Windows PC.
  • Confirmed erasure reports: To show and prove the fact that the data was really deleted, this application will also provide you with an erasure report. It can also be verified by you to make sure the data was deleted permanently and it was not some blatant animation or shady deletion maneuver.
  • European General Data Protection Regulation norms compliant: The data deletion algorithms mentioned correspond to all norms as per the ‘European General Data Protection Regulation’, which states that confirmation for deleted data must be documented and securely deleted from all personal systems and file servers.


With Protectstar’s iShredder Windows, you will not have to worry about permanently deleting data anymore!