iLocker for Android

About the developer

Since its inception in 2004, Protectstar has been striving to make military trusted cybersecurity software available to the familiar people. With software like iShredder, iCrypter, Camera Guard, Protectstar has been reasonably successful in its mission. The company has won numerous awards for its secure and state of the art data deletion software. Protectstar is one of the first companies in the industry to check mobile devices for possible security risks and has constantly been working tirelessly to keep on pioneering possible threats and their solutions in that space as well.

The company has been releasing new apps pretty frequently that only strengthens the claims of Protectstar being the best.

About the app

The iLocker app for Android is one of the best additions to the arsenal of security software developed by Protectstar. With iLocker Android, you can write your personal notes/memos and record sensitive voice notes and keep them totally secure.

All the personal data recorded with iLocker gets automatically encrypted with the AES-256 encryption method. All the files can be organized and assigned to individual categories. In this way, the importance of a written record can be captured in color.

Why you should choose iLocker

With an increasing threat to everyone’s privacy, apps like iLocker come into play and help people secure their private and sensitive notes and voice memos safe. With industry-leading encryption methods and useful features such as sorting your notes according to the categories, voice recorder inbuilt in the app, self-destruction in case of emergency as well as Protectstar’s deep detective, which helps the user to identify which process is using the encrypted data as well as reports are known and unknown cyber-attacks.

Although the list of features is long and one might find them unnecessary. Still, all these features are really critical for security and ensure unbreakable protection to your private notes and voice memos.


AES-256 military-grade encryption

Protectstar is committed to making the highest level of encryption techniques available to the customers. Hence, like all other apps by Protectstar, even iLocker uses the best in the segment encryption techniques, which the military can trust to help secure user data.

The encryption process is carried out right in your device. Its symmetrical cryptography guarantees that you can only access your notes.

Safe dictation machine

The integrated dictation machine in iLocker has a minimalistic design that ensures ease of use and offers high-quality voice recordings. With this feature, the user can record important voice memos, business meetings, and everything recorded by the voice recorder but make it safer and literally impossible to breach by outside attacks.

Self-destruction in case of emergency

One of the most unique and classic features of iLocker is that in case of an emergency where your device gets stolen. Someone tries to access your private notes and memos, after 5 wrong password attempts, the self-destruction feature gets triggered and deletes the data. It not only deletes the data like any ordinary app but makes use of Protectstar’s certified data deletion methods using a military trusted algorithm just like iShredder.

Foolproof hacker protection with Deep Detective

In iLocker™ Secure Notes, the Deep Detective™ protection module permanently controls which process is currently accessing the encrypted data of your notes safe. It also reports known (and thanks to modern heuristic methods) it also reports unknown attacks.

App Locker

Lock your apps and protect your privacy by adding a layer of security with the AppLocker feature. Use your fingerprint, a secure password, or a PIN to keep your apps safe and private.

Choose what apps you want to protect. AppLocker can lock all kinds of apps, like Photo Gallery, Contacts, Settings, Webbrowser, Social Media apps, messaging apps, etc.

The iLocker app is free, with only one in-app purchase for access to premium features.

To sum it up, the long list of features is:

  • Write private notes with the highest level of safety
  • Integrated voice (dictation) recorder
  • Notes and Voice memos are encrypted with AES-256 bit incredible military encryption
  • Amazing organization and sorting of notes
  • The importance of a written note can also be quickly captured in color
  • In case of emergency: self-destruction after 5 invalid password attempts
  • Guaranteed no backdoors or master passwords! Open Source code of the symmetric encryption algorithm provided as a download
  • Automatic display protection
  • 24/7 Support via e-Mail from our Support Heroes
  • PREMIUM: Deep Detective™ protection module detects unknown attacks, even within the notes vault
  • PREMIUM: Extended Hacker Protection with Intruder Selfie feature
  • PREMIUM: Store unlimited Notes and Voice Memos

Protectstar has done a stellar job creating iLocker for Android, which has provided the users with a sense of relief that their private notes are inaccessible to anyone except them.