Know The Right Way To Protect Your Cameras


Although we often talk about physical and financial security, we rarely talk about securing the technology that we use. We think that by using an antivirus and just keeping a note of how we use our devices, we can protect ourselves from all sorts of dangers that can arise from the cyber world. Although an antivirus can protect the computer and its data from most viruses and malware, it cannot detect the advanced, niftier attacks. Those attacks are like the situation when a tiger hunts down a deer after prying on it from a distance and knowing its whereabouts. It attacks at the right moment, at the right time! The deer remains oblivious initially, but when it becomes aware of the fact, it is too late. The case is similar if someone is being spied upon via their own technology, and they remain unobservant of it!

How you may be hunted by these people?

Hackers and people with unscrupulous intentions have a way around technology. In today’s world, most of our work is being done online. Students attend online courses and classes, webinars, professionals often rely on video conferencing, online meetings for their work - there are just so many ways our computers are being used now. However, that is where the loophole lies, often blatantly. You must have noticed that when your webcam is in use, the LED beside it lights up. But with the insidious scripts, trojans, and malware that a scammer might have imprinted on your system, the webcam can be used remotely, without your authorization, and without the LED lighting up! This would mean that you can be recorded without your knowledge. As you might imagine, if the webcam can be accessed in such a way, the microphone’s predicament would be far worse!

Your data can be used for sinister purposes and your name can be in places where it should not be! A financial setback might be one of the complications this event might bring to you!

How can you save yourself?

Albeit dangerous, but the situation is not beyond redemption! You can use PROTECTSTAR’s Camera Guard application for this purpose. It has a team of engineers behind it who have been in this field for a long time and know exactly what to do to stop such attempts. The product’s features include:

  • Webcam blocker and microphone blocker: You can block access or disable your webcam and microphone when you are not around!
  • PIN: If your device is on a shared network, you can set a PIN for the applications you use so that no one can access your device without your permission.
  • Multi-device availability with ransomware protection: This software can be used on phones and computers alike. 50 MB of storage space and an internet connection is required. This application also shields you from ransomware!

With this application, your security will not be a trade-off just because you have a device with a webcam and microphone!