Looking for the Best Android Mobile Security Shield? Read on to Know More!

If a malware-infected app somehow finds its way into the Play Store, Google quickly notices it and pulls out the app immediately from the users’ device. Through research, device and data security experts have found many fraud android apps in the guise of popular games that have crept into the Play Store.

Also, many android antivirus apps in the Google Play Store that were tested for efficiency don’t work at all. Anyway, having an effective antivirus app would be advantageous to guard android mobile devices against unanticipated malware, spyware, and espionage attacks.

We share here an impressive app that could resolve users’ android malware issues. Antivirus AI Android by PROTECTSTAR is an extremely productive software to curb malware and spyware menace. Read on to know this app’s prime features contributing to its uniqueness.

Effective Vaccination Against Malware

Artificial intelligence technology drives this android antivirus app. Users’ android mobile devices are monitored in real-time to identify and discard malware threats. Suppose a recent danger is detected, it is instantly reported to the AI cloud for a deep analysis and protection modules updating.

Consequently, appropriate actions are taken to remedy the threat on the device it was first spotted on. Simultaneously, all the other android devices across the globe harbouring AI antivirus would be safeguarded against the new threat.

AI Scanning Engine 

AI antivirus employs heuristic scanning, a self-discovery model that works in real-time. It doesn’t need a trigger from users to scan their android devices. With this feature, AI antivirus spontaneously identifies and breaks down patterns, processes, and authorisation to comprehend the intent of suspected malware.

AI Threat Prevention: Beyond Traditional Detection Methods

The AI Scanning Engine is many more steps ahead of the traditional malware detection software. It employs modern technology like artificial intelligence and several other intricate algorithms to ensure accurate examination and timely malware detection. As a result, users may expect this dynamic deep detection product to respond within milliseconds of an attack. AI antivirus stays charged up to secure your device perimeter and prevent potential attacks. 

Complex State Trojans and Threats Elimination

This feature sets AI antivirus apart from the various common antivirus products available in the android market. As a result, persistent advanced threats and stubborn trojans are wiped out even from the state establishments.

Stops Infections by Uprooting Spyware and Espionage Attacks

Users need to be spooked about the state authority surveillance and external spyware attacks if they don’t have AI antivirus on their android smartphones. If users wish to add a protective bubble around their phones and block unwarranted spying risks, AI antivirus is a splendid solution.

Accommodate two antivirus apps

Users may use their existing antivirus app and AI antivirus installed on their android devices with no interference in each other’s functioning. Now, users could enjoy the benefits of both the apps and keep their android devices double protected.

Shields against Hacking Attacks

Now users can protect their android devices from potential hacking threats. AI antivirus notifies the users the instant it detects a risk. Also, it gives the user a comprehensive list of the user data leaked and the compromised websites information.


Free edition

Android users who prefer to use their phones just for VOIP calling and social media communication don’t require a superior pro version. The free version is enough to block pop-ups, ads, cookies, and online trackers.

Pro Edition

Android users who perform critical transactions using their mobile devices may purchase a pro version for annihilating malware, spyware, phishing, and other attacks. This edition offers verification of data-theft, real-time vaccinations, and priority updates too.

Business Edition

Suitable for companies, for volume licensing, and extended configuration options. But you need to wait for it. It is coming soon!

AI antivirus additionally safeguards users’ android mobile devices from the hacking menace. After a deep analysis, it returns details on the user data leaks and websites from which the data was compromised from. AI antivirus has a wealth of security features users can make the most of. Don’t you want to explore AI antivirus too?