Most Effective Firewall App For Android

Firewalls are used to protect software. The protection is important because there is front face software which is directly connected to the internet. This is required in every system to increase the cybersecurity in general.

Protectstar is one of the organizations who serve this meaningful purpose. They are providing an innovative solution for every cybersecurity issue with immense customer satisfaction. They have one of the most innovative firewall apps for android. They have named this pocket-friendly product “Firewall AI Android”

Let’s check some of the interesting features of Firewall AI Android
There are many interesting features of Firewall AI Android, mentioned below are the four most important ones.

Effective Protection and Control

Provides full protection from hackers, spyware and espionage. Has the ability to protect attack from the internet. Even stops providing unwanted access to your internet and lastly deciding which apps can and cannot access the internet. This will immediately notify you for any concerning event on the phone. Along with all these, you can check in real-time which applications are accessing which severs and diminishing mobile data.

Repel Cyberattacks

With the help of artificial intelligence, this application can fend off cyberattacks. Protectstar has made there product Firewall AI Android with properly tested Linux firewalls ipfables. This will protect the system from any kind of cyberattacks. To increase the security to the next levels, they have also added artificial intelligence to this program. This strong security combination repels all the potential hackers, malware and even security bugs. With all these, one can successfully block all the malicious traffic and suspicious activity.

Block Applications

There are several applications which do not require internet access but still ask for internet permission. Usually, with the advertisements, sensitive information is sent to different servers. Protectstar comes in handly in such situation and stops data trafficking from your android. If these data trafficking is stopped the functioning of the android improves and slows the battery usage process.

Security from secret services and government organization

This product is also designed to block security services and government organization from hacking information. This product has already blocked all the chains, so it’s hard to intervene with data if Protectstar is installed in the android. Still, if in any chance incoming or outgoing connection is tired to be established, the application will immediately send out a warning.

Protectstar’s product Firewall AI Android does not collect any information from the user. This feature makes the application even more attractive for the users. Any application which will help in reduced battery consumption, reduce the consumption of the mobile data, provides password protection, have intrusion prevention system standards, blocks the background and the system application, support protocols that supports various technologies, control over existing installed applications, traffic is controlled by the custom created firewall rule, automatic updates of AI and many more.

In today’s time, it’s hard to find something with an extensive list of benefits like Firewall AI Android by Protectstar. This application is so beneficial that it can sale itself. Anyone can enjoy all these benefits because this application is free. So it would be best if you did is go to google play store, install the application in your android and make your android safe from all the spyware, hackers and espionage. Security is the most important thing, and Firewall AI Android is the most effective application for this purpose.