Permanently Delete Data On Windows And Prevent Data Spying!


“I have deleted my data from the recycle bin, there’s no turning back.” - This is a sample of what the majority of users who are reliant on WindowsOS’ say. Be it the dated Windows XP or the recently used Windows 10 and Windows 7 or 8, this mentality is common to all. Windows OS accounts for a staggering number of users all over the world who use their system on their computing machines to get myriad tasks done. From the professional to the household sector, Windows is what most people trust to walk through their daily needs as well as work-related news easily. However, when the OS comes to the part of data deletion, it follows a different path that can be a dealbreaker and a threat to security. It can easily account for infringement of data privacy rights.

What’s the concern?

Just so you know, when you press the delete button on your Windows computer and then proceed to delete it from the recycle bin, you are still in danger. The data does not get deleted permanently as per the recycle in’s promise. Instead, danger lurks around the corner after the deletion process as the data is retrievable, albeit with some efforts. What happens is, even when the item itself is deleted, Windows just clears the pathway for it. In simple words, the connecting link to that data block is removed so that when you go back and check for that data, it is nowhere to be found. However, new data can be overwritten in the same place as the old data. If by any chance your computer falls into the wrong hands, or maybe you sell/replace it because it’s old, there’s a 100% probability that your old data can be used against you, and you might be monetarily scammed.

How can you save yourself from this?

Getting rid of your data permanently can be done easily with iShredder Windows app. There are no hassles! It just requires you to have a Windows operating system(XP or better) and a network connection. This will require you to download the software and open up an account and you’re good to go. You will get data deletion procedures that have been certified by experts and a product that has been used by millions of people all over the world, even the military as well as government agencies: The added features are:

  • EU-GDPR norm conforming deletion procedures: The data deletion algorithms of iShredder Windows application conform to the norms of the ‘European General Data Protection Regulation’ which states that data must be deleted securely from all systems and thorough documentation has to be done for the process.
  • Multiple passes: The data is deleted and overwritten multiple times with the last steps enforcing random memory values so that retrieval is impossible.


With the added benefit of receiving a self-verifiable data deletion report, iShredder Windows will surely save your data from being spied upon.