Protect yourself from spying

As the digital world is growing fast, humans are spending time on their smartphone like never before. Every second human leaves digital dust globally, which creates a perfect environment for lawbreaker minds to steal valuable information from you.

At this time, we need to take care of our information and data. Anyone aware of such threats has already installed a security application. These applications keep your android safe from espionage activity. But, while relying on technology, it is vital to choose a trustworthy one. One of the major threats is spying through a microphone; there can be applications in your phone to access your microphone and continuously listen to you. This threatens your privacy and obviously against the law. The problem is that the spyware or malware is capable of staying in the device for a long time without giving any indication and slowly taking out all the data. Micro Guard™ Android™ 5 by Protectstar is one such application that can protect smartphone users from such threats.

Let’s look at some of the features of Micro Guard™ Android™ 5;

There are numerous features of Micro Guard™ Android™ 5 but below mentioned are few most important ones.

  • 24/7 Support by eMail
  • Protection against known and unknown attack attempts
  • Whitelist
  • Pop-Ups regarding security breaches
  • Graphical window about blocked apps
  • Auto-Protection
  • Deep Detective™ Lite
  • Widget
  • Passcode protection
  • Logfile protocol
  • List of Apps with microphone access
  • Microphone blocker
  • Microphone protection

These features are designed to prevent spying, and it is a groundbreaking application beautifully made. Almost all these features in the application are available for free; only a few of the features are available for the paid user. There are multiple security options offered by Protectstar, and it will fit everyone’s security needs.

Protectstar is doing its best to provide customers with the top level of security. They have a highly functioning developer and designer team, which designs the best possible product according to the customer needs. With the combination of the best features, tool and advanced AI, the Protectstar’s application functionality is much better than any other similar applications. Since 2004 they have provided extraordinary service, and they highly value their customer, so using any application designed by them does not invite any threat. Micro Guard™ Android™ 5 is a brilliantly designed application that can fight back any spying activity in the smartphone and immediately notify the user so the issue can be resolved in no time.

I hope so far this article has convinced you that Micro Guard™ Android™ 5 is worth installing for protecting your microphone. If so, make sure you install the application and if not, let me tell you that microphone security is essential. Every application’s AI works in such a complicated way that you never can easily track spying activity, so try out the free version. Using the free version is equally beneficial as the paid ones, and further, if you want to enjoy some extra service with one tap, you can upgrade to the paid version.