Protectstar Deletes iPhone Text Messages Permanently

About the developer

Chris Bohn, a German security expert, founded Protectstar in 2004. They have been working since then, intending to provide the best available security features to phones and computers.
They are well-known for their military-grade cybersecurity software. The level of security they protect for data is unparalleled. They have earned the trust of many companies as well as people and Governments for their service. Protectstar was one of the pioneers who had started the searching and eliminating several security threats that phones and computers faced back then. They have not ceased their efforts yet and continue to publish new security measures.

About the apps

Deleting a piece of data works differently on an iPhone. When the ‘delete’ button is pressed, the operating system assigns a date for deletion and hides it from the user’s view. To the user, it appears that the thing has been deleted. But the piece that was ‘deleted’ by the user stays put as per the operating system’s decision. Knowing this, you may have searched for ways to delete text messages on an iPhone permanently. The answer is Protectstar’s iShredder and iCrypter.

Why should one choose iShredder and iCrypter?

Data has been the chief cause of the evolution of so many systems. Be it the modern-day AI or the traditional social-media apps- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Each one of these runs on huge amounts of data and stores them for future use. “To improve our products” - they say. A regular user or a company thus places monstrous amounts of data in various hands.
Losing them due to a malicious cyberattack will be just a part of the nightmare if a data robbery would be a big fiasco. Thus, it would help if you trusted Protectstar’s offerings - iShredder and iCrypter.
They have improved with time, and the algorithmic training they have is huge.

Features of iShredder:

  • No trace after deletion: Numerous patented data deletion methods and algorithms help iShredder not to leave a single trace of data behind. A 3-step process is involved in this. You connect your phone, select the method, and press the start button to begin the deletion. Any kind of data restoration cannot be done later.
  • Free space is wiped out: Phones usually eliminate the reference link to the file. The previously deleted information is not permanently wiped. But with the data deletion methods present in iShredder, it can be done.
  • Erasure reports: iShredder provides verifiable erasure reports to confirm that the deletion was genuinely permanent.
  • Two versions: The app has two versions-professional edition and military edition. The military edition has 18 deletion algorithms compared to 11 algorithms on the professional editions.

iCrypter features:

  • Encryption of photos, videos, and documents: Messages are the easiest to pry. Thus, they are heavily encrypted. All photos, videos, and documents in messages also undergo encryption.
  • 256-bit AES encryption: iCrypter contacts app stores encryption passwords along with contact details.
  • Linear password protection: Linear 4x4 passcode is much more secure than conventional encryption using a password.
  • Delete function: If you ever lose your phone or it gets stolen, you do not need to worry about your data getting stolen. The automatic delete function will delete all your encrypted data and the encryptions themselves.

iShredder and iCrypter are the best options from Protectstar to secure and encrypt your data on your iPhone. Their claim of providing ‘military-grade’ cybersecurity is accurate, and they live up to expectations.