The best firewall app there is Firewall AI Android, designed by Protectstar

The global digital world is continuously changing, and we spend more time increasingly with digital devices. This is a device that helps you, but at the same, there are human beings with terrible intentions of criminals who get the suitable opportunity to watch or even thieve from you.Protectstar has designed a revolutionary application to do what antivirus and anti-malware can not - they offer the highest safety protection level for your sensitive records.

How is the protectstar application better than other security applications in the market?

Multilingual help

Protectstar provides a multilingual guide team at the customer’s disposal for twelve months a year and handles all requests. They assist in German, English, and, depending on availability and Hindi, Indonesian, Ukrainian, and Russian. Their customer support is excellent, and every user can get personal assistance.

Regular update facility

Protectstar keeps improving its safety and security policies from time to time so that applications can resist any kind of recent threat.

Many other factors make the application better than the other, but these two are the most important ones. Individuals must invest in such security applications; otherwise, your device will be exposed to all the threats. Let’s look at some of the features which are unique to the Firewall AI Android application.


  • Enhanced firewall protection against outgoing connections
  • Create custom firewall rules
  • Control over all installed apps
  • Automatic updates of the artificial intelligence engine
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Standard
  • Insights into network traffic through apps that access the internet
  • Reduce battery consumption

All these fantastic features are available for free in the application. All you have to do is go to the play store and install the application. Protectstar is a very trustworthy organization. They have been functioning for the last two decades, and they have designed many applications. So there is a perfect security application for everyone. Primarily based on the tools inclusive of Deep Detective™ and Protectstar™ AI Cloud and artificial intelligence, the Android Firewall fends off modern malware, hacker assaults, or even protection security bugs.

This routinely blocks malicious traffic and suspicious activity. If malware has crept in neglected, artificial intelligence will assist you to perceive it immediately. It also covers up all the gaps within their ability so that applications do not get exploited by foreign elements. Protectstar as an organization does not collect information from its customers on any platform. As we store more excellent sensitive data on our mobile gadgets, keeping the security of those records turns extra crucial to our privacy. Non-public photos, addresses, credit card information, passwords, and speaking to numbers can all be susceptible to cyber thieves if they advantage get the right of entry to our unsecured telephones and drugs.

Protectstar can find out the gaps observed at the working machine stage. Cell app attacks are regularly the result of terrible development and coding. Malware assaults can corrupt your information or steal your passwords and other touchy info, at the same time as ransomware can get admission to your pc, and the records saved on it can be a hostage. All these trouble things can be stopped with one application, so make sure you download the Firewall AI Android application.