Truly Delete iPhone Text Messages With ProtectStar

About the developer

With a vision to develop the best cybersecurity products, Protectstar was founded back in 2004 by Chris Bohn, a German security expert. Since then, the company has produced much ground-breaking software like iShredder and iCrypter for iOS, AntiSpy 2, Camera Guard Android 4 for Android, iShredder Windows Personal, and iShredder Windows Technical for Windows. They also have apps for macOS.They work hard to find new security loopholes and patch them with their top-notch software.

About the apps

The iPhone is quirky in many ways. It should be known to iPhone users that the iPhone does not delete something when the ‘delete’ button is pressed. It is hidden from the user’s view and is scheduled for deletion. This can provoke many serious issues. Malicious attacks can easily snoop over those messages. And messages do not just contain personal texts. They also include transaction confirmations from the bank, OTPs, and private MMS’ too! To protect yourself from such unpleasant experiences on your device, you should consider Protectstar’s iShredder and iCrypter software for the iPhone.

Why should you favor iShredder and iCrypter over other apps?

Protectstar has been in this field for the last 15 years. The products they have released are used by Governments, companies, and people alike. They have been praised for their deletion algorithms and the level of encryption they provide. You can truly trust them as they can permanently delete iPhone text messages. No traces will ever be found.

iCrypter features:

  • Encryption of photos, videos, and documents: Messages often contain multimedia like photos and videos and sometimes documents. They can be personal or related to work. Hence, it would certainly be better if they were locked between the sender and receiver. Thus your encrypted messages cannot be read at any point of the server, only by the receiver.
  • 256-bit AES encryption: AES stands for advanced encryption standard. iCrypter keeps contact-specific encryptions in a separate app called iCrypter Contacts Tool.
  • Unconventional password protection: 4x4 linear passwords are used, which is more secure than a simple passcode.
  • Delete data automatically: You don’t need to lose your mind over losing precious data if your phone gets stolen or you lose it. With iCrypter, you can easily delete all encrypted data as well as encryption passwords from it remotely.

iShredder features:

  • The Delete button is all-powerful: Protectstar’s patented data deletion methods and algorithms help iShredder to completely delete any data without leaving any trace in a simple 3-step process.
  • Free space cannot be overwritten: Your iPhone will not just delete the reference link to the ‘deleted’ file. iShredder wipes out the free space too so that new apps cannot use the previous file’s space.
  • Auditable reports: iShredder provides reports of erasure to confirm that the deletion was successful and irreversible.
  • Choose your plan: Two versions of the app are offered -professional edition and military edition. The military edition has 18 deletion algorithms, and the professional edition has 11 deletion algorithms. You can pick the one you need.

Protectstar is highly recommended for someone looking to go that extra mile on cybersecurity. Your data is truly protected, and you can permanently delete your iPhone text messages in reality. Your communications and data will be reliably secured by Protectstar.