iShredder™ Mobile Enterprise

iShredder™ Mobile Enterprise

The iShredder™ Mobile Enterprise is the solution to meet your needs to secure erase multiple iOS® and Android® devices at a time including erasure reports.

The solution is made to fit the needs and security policies of every recycling company (complies with R2:2013 standard), mobile hardware reseller, leasing company, lost-property office, large enterprise or organization. It completely wipes multiple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch at a time. An erasing module to securely delete Android devices will be available in Q1, 2020.

Purchase Erasure Credits:
10 erasures: US$ 39.00
100 erasures: US$ 99.00
500 erasures: US$ 349.00
2500 erasures: US$ 999.00

If you need more erasure credits please get in touch with us for an individual quote.

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