Android Mobile Security Essentials 2021: Anti-Virus and Anti Malware App!

Android mobile apps have made day-to-day transactions more convenient for users. However, with every pro, there comes a con along. Users may avail of many products and services by a mere tap on their phone screens, yet they are susceptible to potential risks that entail mobile operations.

Malware attacks include malicious code hidden in seemingly innocent email attachments and file sharing resources. Therefore, the need of the hour is an adaptive, prevention-oriented, cloud-based threat analysis and spontaneous threat elimination anti-malware antivirus product.

Innumerable android antivirus products are available in the Play Store. It may be challenging for users to locate one effective antivirus app out of the many apps present in the store. We make it easy for you by listing out top features an excellent antivirus product must possess.

While looking for a holistic android device and data security solution, we bumped into this product – Antivirus AI Android by PROTECTSTAR.

  1. The foundational technology used in AI antivirus is artificial intelligence. This product continually scans android devices to sniff any odd behaviour and eliminate potential hazards. On spotting a new malware, the threat is reported to an AI-based cloud system that probes into the malware and alerts all Android devices with an AI antivirus app installed. Simultaneously, sufficient countermeasures are taken on threat confirmation to neutralise the malicious code on the android device where it was identified. An efficient vaccination against malware.
  2. The most traditional antivirus apps employ pattern analysis and existing malware signatures to track down the threats. However, the AI scanning engine is efficient in noticing even the slightest changes in routine malware signature models to ensure they don’t evade the antivirus net.
  3. Plus, AI antivirus rapidly responds to any kind of malware, spyware, ransomware, and espionage invasion attempts through dynamic deep detection. Users may observe the reaction time is less than a few milliseconds.
  4. AI antivirus is a highly vigilant app that doesn’t spare any malware. From moderate to advanced persistent threats and trojans, it terminates the android security risk factors even in the government agencies.
  5. It adopts a real-time heuristic model that instantaneously finds out, analyses, and reports inconsistencies in patterns, processes, authorisation, and services.
  6. Users can now install a single app to save their android devices from spyware and espionage attempts by the government and law enforcement organizations. AI antivirus shields android devices from silent spying, SMS, and GPS tracking. 
  7. The AI Threat Prevention feature keeps your smartphone covered by preventing infections and blocking malware break-in attempts dynamically.
  8. Users no longer need to fret about online hacking. Detailed reports are made available regarding the compromised websites and the user information leaked. In addition, AI antivirus safeguards personal user data and inhibits identity and financial thefts.
  9. AI antivirus is an android security app promoted in two editions. The free edition suits users who use their android mobile devices for essential purposes, like making calls and connecting to people over social media. The pro edition suits professionals or business classes to shield critical transactional information from prying eyes. The business edition will be released soon!
  10. Additionally, users may have their much acquainted with antivirus apps and AI antivirus functioning on their devices with no intervention and for extra protection.

AI antivirus provides a comprehensive solution to most android users’ device and data security issues. It tackles malware, spyware, phishing, hacking, and several other threats at lightning speeds. So, if users find it hard to believe, download “Antivirus AI android” by PROTECTSTAR once and explore to agree with us!