Delete confidential data on Windows easily!


Concerned about the privacy of your data? Who isn’t? The average human uploads thousands of photos and archives hundreds of conversations in his lifetime, now imagine all that being accessible to someone foreign, someone undesirable, someone who can use it against you in the most twisted way. Confidential data is always at a security risk if not disposed of securely, and this is why one needs Protectstar’s iShredder Windows app that deletes confidential data on Windows easily.

Why delete data permanently?

Everything pertaining to the modern world is data-driven. From your everyday social media handles and their uploads to the business necessities and everyday routines are all within the tiny gadgets that we use regularly. This device if and when obtained by an unwanted authority can jeopardize your privacy and can cause disastrous outcomes and hence, data deletion is of utmost importance. Blackmail over private data and ransom demands are the usual consequences but one can also completely lose his financial capabilities if his bank details and passwords are obtained, can you even imagine?


iShredder Windows delete data permanently are the right way to go about avoiding such scenarios. The application needs only to be downloaded on your Windows and one can easily navigate the same to take care of shredding the unwanted. The algorithms used are employed in military and government systems for secure deletion and the multiple override cycles ensure the encryption of the required data. If you are selling and giving away your old device, simple formatting will not suffice and these apps can truly ensure that your data is erased for good before being accessible to the next person.

What are the advantages?

  • Convenience: An easy and 3 step procedure for deleting any and all data.
  • Overwrite algorithms: Deletion algorithms approved by state and military organizations and that have been analyzed by individual authorities certifying its potency of actually deleting the data permanently.
  • Wipe the free space: The operating system is rendered clean by wiping all remaining traces of unwanted data and freeing up storage capacity.
  • Erasure reports: Verify your deletion process by the provided erasure reports that confirm the actual process of permanently shredding the selected data.
  • International security standards upheld: EU-GDPR compliant systems that surpass international standards of data protection are implemented for further insurance.


iShredder Windows is necessary for Windows systems and other devices that are used on a daily, especially if they contain sensitive data that needs to be shielded from the vindictive.