Don’t give them a chance to spy on you


Protection and security simply don’t bode well with the cyber world, if you do not know this already. Everything from work and our assets are completely placed in the digital world and this opens up a plethora of chances for attack and hence, vulnerability. The chances of someone spying on you is alarmingly high, and these are the kind of attacks we do not prepare ourselves for.

Risk assessment

The general population is powerless against this penetration of individual space and the privacy breech, more likely than not, goes unnoticed. This is because the recent malware and hacks can bypass the security light that activates when a webcam is being used. The camera as a rule flickers with its connected LED light when the webcam is on, or so it did but not anymore. The input for triggering the malware can be something as simple as picking up a call or responding to a message, and now the hacker can effortlessly watch you and glean your personal information.

Help yourself

One does not need to go to great lengths to protect their pro\ivacy, in fact, it can be easily achieved by just downloading an app. There are various apps that protect your camera and shields you from unwanted eyes, but then again what if the app in itself can be hacked? This is why apps such as Protectsar which are certified and proven with an established authenticity are dominating. These apps can be the shield that you desire and protect you from all known signature patterns in the history of hacking, and even the unknown ones due to its implementation of heuristic technology.


You might be thinking, ‘Oh great, another app.’ The truth is, you are far from inconveniencing yourself. A protector app not only provides the dire security that you desperately need, but it is also extremely efficient. It takes up a minimum storage space, all accesses and warnings are logged and the unknown attacks are detected as well with their intelligent advanced technology.


There is no wiggle room for taking a leap of faith in the cyber world, once you are exposed you will have to bear the scars for life. A camera guard is just going to shield and upgrade your security, and it is absurd to not put resources into the equivalent.