Eliminate Your Worries About Mobile Security!


Texting has been the primary form of written communication for a long time in mobile devices. Instant messaging was not a thing before 3G, 4G or Wifi came in. Texting still gets the love of millions of people, even today. No internet is required, just a phone with a network connection.
However, they are the most prone to attacks. If you have your friend/colleague search about “how do I permanently delete text messages?” you should know that genuine concerns are prevalent. Via text messaging, even photos, videos, and documents can be sent nowadays. Thus if you ever lose your phone or it gets stolen, you are doomed if you do not have an app that secures you from all these vulnerabilities.

What can happen via your texts?

Messaging. That’s the basic thing happening via text messaging. But messages are also used to send those cute cat pictures or other forms of multimedia like videos and documents. Messages of your payment getting confirmed at the bank or the OTP via text are also present in the texts. If your colleague’s search for “how do I permanently delete text messages?” has bothered you, yet you are careful and delete your text messages, it is time for you to know a nifty fact. When you press the ‘delete’ message to delete text messages on your phone permanently, the message does not get deleted actually. The phone assigns the text a time at which it will be deleted. In the meanwhile, the text stays in your system. The phone hides the text from you. Therefore, you think that the text has been deleted. You do not think about it anymore.
But the grave has already been dug. There is no way out of it unless you have an app that can permanently delete text messages.

How does this app help?

It brings the best level of mobile security in your reach. You can choose a subscription plan that suits your needs and budget. Your search for “how do I permanently delete text messages?” will come to an end. All your data will be encrypted securely. Encryption passwords for specific contacts will be stored in a separate app. You will get the military-grade 256-bit AES encryption for your data. Your text messages will be encrypted securely, and none but you and the receiver can read it. You will be able to delete text messages permanently. All other kinds of data will also be permanently deleted in an easy and flexible process that requires you to choose the deletion algorithm. When the data is deleted, you will get a report confirming it. You can also verify the report to make sure the deletion was surely done.


All your worries and doubts and the search for “how do I permanently delete text messages?” will cease after using this app. If you are wondering about your colleague who was searching for results on “how do I permanently delete text messages?” your phone and you will surely be doing a lot better than him/her with this app.