Facts about DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, Wifi & Mobile Data

DNS( Domain name server) helps internet users navigate the website using direct text addresses that humans can read easily. Majorly DNS convert domain names into URL, which then translates into IP addresses.

How are the benefits of DNS applicable worldwide?

  • DNS servers help translate domain names for world wide web( www) Sites to benefit internet users' work. 
  • Creating a path of traffic or routing the messages to the email servers/web email services
  • This server improves the gaming experience. Internet users can easily engage in a multiplayer game. 
  • As the internet services are better with this server, internet users can enjoy the benefit of instant messaging and hassle-free video calling. 
  • With the help of a VPN( Virtual private network), internet users can protect their privacy online.

Today, it is possible to access the DNS server from a smartphone using the DNS Changer app by Protectstar.

More details about DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, Wifi & Mobile Data;

  • This DNS Changer android app provides a layer of internet security. This security service provided by the application protects against surveillance and censorship attempts. 
  • This application's user interface is excellent; with just one click, the application finds the nearest server and provides better internet service. 
  • With the application's help, internet users can easily connect to different DNS servers and experience other servers' speed. 
  • This application also offers parental control because some contents can be too harsh for kids to understand, and if parents want, they can use the parental control feature to block those sites. 
  • The Protectstar application is already used in 123 countries all over the world. Its users highly recommend Their application. Which automatically proves that the services they provide are useful. 

In general, all DNS provides these level of services. It's essential to use a trustworthy application when you want to use the DNS server on your phone. Protectstar has made a dedicated application and it is available in the market, that is, DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data.

This application is useful for everyone. Anyone using any android smartphone can use this application. And as mentioned above, the user interface is simple so that anyone can navigate through the application. DNS is the reason why the internet exists in the first place. Internet is an essential part of our life. With DNS, you can use the internet effectively. Most organizations use DNS server because they provide an incredible amount of internet speed, and as time passes, more organizations will start using them more. Apart from that, this application will help users to keep their android safe from malware and hackers. It will also improve the performance and enhance security, so anyone looking forward to making their smartphone makes sure you download this application.

This app has many striking and exciting features. Most of the features are available for free in the DNS Changer( Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data) App; few features unlock once users upgrade to the paid version. No matter which model you choose, paid/unpaid, both are equally beneficial and crucial for security and privacy. It is one of the most critical aspects of the internet. With the help of DNS, the internet is like a friend of yours. The integrated DNS users help you find and connect to the fastest DNS server based on your location and network. It is an extensive network of servers distributed all around the globe. If you want to enjoy all these exciting features, make sure you download this application.