For Fast Internet use DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data

DNS is a massive knowledge base for internet service. It changes names into IP address so that the computers can communicate with each other. DNS is not a server or one system; it is a vast distributed system. DNS is one of the critical factors which is responsible for the smooth internet service we experience today.

Types of DNS services:

Recursive DNS

It is an intermediary channel that can access all the DNS information on behalf of the users. Recursive DNS can perform as an intermediary channel as they have gathered all the pointer over a long period. If they cannot answer the user's query, they will pass it on to a more authoritative DNS to access better information.

Authoritative DNS

Authoritative DNS is a more functional DNS. They follow a process of update mechanism. It then resolves the queries by changing the domain name to an IP address, which will help the computers talk to each other. Authoritative DNS has the domain authority, and they even help recursive DNS whenever required.

Benefits of using a DNS charger.

DNS is the backbone of the internet. Today most big-data organizations are using the DNS server because they provide high internet speed. Apart from that, DNS serves always offer a high level of security. They can stop hackers from accessing sensitive information from users. DNS provides an excellent stable network connection and users don’t need to remember the IP address

Today there are several ways to access a DNS. One of the most reliable accessible product is provided by Protectstar. Their product offers a DNS connection. The product name is DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data.

Let us look at some of the most striking features of DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data

  • No root required
  • Advanced Logging
  • Smart Whois Feature incl. Map
  • Custom DNS
  • Smart DNS Speed test feature
  • Unblock restricted websites
  • Block Adult and Porn content
  • Accessing restricted websites
  • Stay more secure on public wifi.
  • Improve online gaming
  • Reduce Video Buffering
  • Enjoy the best and private browsing performance.
  • Explore your favourite sites and apps freely.

Most of the features mentioned above are available for free in the DNS Changer( | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data) App; few features unlock once users upgrade to the paid version. No matter which model you choose, paid/unpaid, both of them are equally beneficial. It is one of the most critical aspects of the internet. With the help of DNS, the internet is user friendly. It also helps the internet to work smoothly. The integrated DNS users help you find and connect to the fastest DNS server based on your location and network. It is an extensive network of servers distributed all around the globe.

This application is beneficial for everyone, and anyone can use this application as the user interface is straightforward. This is a vast network connection of DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data. As DNS plays a critical role in the internet's functioning, everyone needs to understand its works. As the internet grows, the DNS network will also increase. The best possible way to better understand DNS is by downloading the application (DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data) beautifully designed by Protectstar.