Get Everlasting A+ Grade Data Deletion On Your Windows Computer!


If the question of “when I delete data on my Windows computer, is it permanently deleted?” has popped into your mind anytime, then you should know that the concern is genuine. There is an abundant amount of software on the market that promises to make your data deletion process secure and permanent. But they fail to deliver on their promises and their software is not capable enough to perform the task. In that case, you might fear the unknown, i.e what would happen if your data falls into the wrong hands.?

What happens when you press the ‘delete’ button?

On a Windows PC, when you press the ‘delete’ button, the item is moved to the recycle bin. Then the user normally proceeds to delete the item from the bin, upon which Windows, regardless of the version(Windows XP, Windows 7, or 8, or Windows 10) prompts the user that the item will be deleted forever. Except, the truth is that the item is not deleted forever. The Windows OS just removes the link or pathway to that data sector. New files can be overwritten in the same sector.

The security concerns

Multiple security concerns might arise due to this deletion mechanism like:

  • Unwanted retrieval: if you have deleted something, it means you no longer need them or they are sensitive and must not be visible to everyone. You might back some private photos and documents on your flash drive or external hard disk, and delete the same on the PC. However, if someone can retrieve those from the PC, they can blackmail you for anything.
  • Information leakage: If your computer has important work-related documents, you know what kind of trouble you might get into if your passwords and other sensitive information gets leaked even after deletion because someone with a malicious intent retrieved that data and spilled it everywhere!

How can you save yourself?

Although such cybersecurity threats can occur anytime and from anywhere, there is no need to be perturbed as solutions to such problems always exist. Protectstar’s award-winning iShredder windows application not only promises the best in class data deletion methods but also delivers on it, with over a million customers bearing a witness to their claims. The benefits that you will obtain with this app are:

  • European General Data Protection Regulation norms compliant data deletion: The data deletion algorithms follow the ‘European General Data Protection Regulation’, which states that data that is of no use must be securely and permanently deleted and detailed documentation must exist for confirmation of data deletion.
  • Confirmed reports of deletion: A user-verifiable report is generated that can be used to confirm the fact that the data removal was permanent.
  • Multiple overwrites: The deleted data space is overwritten multiple times to shun any probability of data retrieval.


Getting data deleted permanently was not easier before, but with iShredder Windows application, the common man can access those supreme methods to get rid of unwanted data.