Hard to Find Android Mobile Security Experts? We Have Found One Already!

Android devices are being extensively used for everyday transactions by consumers. Since the pandemic started, the most basic services have moved to the mobile platform to enable users to avail them quickly. Unfortunately, increased user engagement online has made them exceedingly susceptible to potential malware threats.

The users store their data, credit card details, and other banking information on the smartphones so they can use it repeatedly without having to key in every time they do a transaction. No doubt they save sufficient time, and the entire deal becomes hassle-free. Nonetheless, they expose themselves to hacking, spyware, or phishing risks.

The malicious software either implants itself on the android devices to steal the user data or entices the users to reveal sensitive information to accomplish its targets. Anyway, identity theft has to be condemned and must not be encouraged by users. Also, the magnitude of the loss depends on the criticality of user data stolen. Therefore, users must guard their vital information.

We introduce you to the “Antivirus AI Android” app by PROTECTSTAR to shield android devices from unjustified break-ins.

The main app features include:

Explore this Artificial intelligence-based Antivirus product that works in real-time and vaccinates android devices against malware. As soon as new malware is detected, its metadata is sent to an AI cloud for analysis. Additionally, the rest of the android devices having AI antivirus apps are alerted to that particular malware definition. It also takes immediate remedial measures to block the malware before it infects the device on which it was detected first.

This product uses an AI scanning engine and provides a swift response to threats and potential threats. For example, the android device’s security is assured within milliseconds of a malware invasion. Likewise, expect a rapid reaction to unanticipated phone attacks dynamically.

Comprises state-of-the-art deep detection algorithms to identify and weed out malware risks. A futuristic product that deviates from the traditional malware detection algorithms and protects users’ android devices from significant damage.

AI antivirus is flawless in plucking out malicious codes in government organisations, too. Protects State authority against state trojans. Again, this is a unique feature that users hardly find in other products.

The AI Scanning Engine adopts a real-time heuristic model that spontaneously identifies and investigates patterns/processes.

Users must check out this product for another reason. User data is protected from external malware, spyware, and ransomware threats and espionage by law enforcement and government establishments. Therefore, if users believe they have harboured critical information in their mobile devices and want to prevent infiltration by the spyware, this product serves them best.

The AI threat prevention feature of the antivirus constantly surveys your device to prevent likely attacks. This product stands by the rule - Managing the issue is better than managing the damage! An efficient malware vaccination!

Summarises compromised user information and the list of websites from which personal data was extracted in case of hacking attacks.

Users may retain existing antivirus software on their gadgets while installing AI antivirus for increased android security.

The AI antivirus product is currently available for users in two versions – Free and Pro. The business version is coming soon! The free version suits the general audience who use their phones for fundamental communication and entertainment purposes. However, consumers who use android devices for financial or business reasons have a critical need to cover their tracks; they may opt for the pro version.

Users need to reflect on the motivation to use their android mobile devices, frequency of use, and the kind of data concealed in them before making buying decisions. Once users get their needs sorted out, they may choose an appropriate AI antivirus version.