Here’s the Best AI Antivirus App! And We Want to Share the News!

Are you suspecting malware on your android device? Or do you want to shield your android device from unwarranted malware invasions? If any of the two is on your mind, we will tell you the next logical steps to take.

The foremost and the easiest thing to do is update your android device software. These updates can patch your device’s weakest points and suspend malware access to your device and personal information. They may also render the malicious pieces of code non-functional.

Later you may review and modify app permissions. Then, finally, you may go ahead and uninstall suspicious apps on your device. Nevertheless, sometimes the malware assigns itself administrator privileges, so you won’t be able to uninstall it. When you are caught up in this manner, the best thing you can do is install an Android antivirus app!

If you ask us about this, we have a spectacular android anti-malware app that's been running on our minds lately. Antivirus AI Android by PROTECTSTAR app by Protectstar would clean up your device, leaving no trace of mischievous pieces of code that once took shelter in your smartphone. We ask you to have a glance at the prime features of this app, so you know what’s on the offer.

Vaccination Against Malware

  • AI technology forms the basis of this antivirus app by Protect star. It is a coherent app that detects malware, spyware, ransomware, and espionage attacks in real-time. This app is as quick as a flash in recognising and cornering new threats landing on your device.
  • On identifying suspicious activity at the perimeter, the details of the probable threat is siphoned to the AI cloud for review. On confirmation of a threat, the protection modules are updated, and preventive/corrective measures are taken on the android device detected for the first time.
  • Additionally, all the other android devices globally that have AI antivirus downloaded are vaccinated against this new threat found. Thus, AI antivirus is the perfect antidote for unsanctioned malware strikes.

AI Scanning Engine

AI antivirus instinctively identifies potential threats and actual risks for your android mobile device. Furthermore, it carefully examines the patterns, processes, and authorisations to ensure device safety and data security. Identifies new malware strains within milliseconds.

Effective against Malware/Spyware/Espionage/Advanced Threats/Trojans/State Viruses

  • AI antivirus is a sophisticated app on the block that detects even the slightest variations in traditional malware signatures, definitions, and patterns through its AI scanning engine. It doesn’t let any dubious code off the hook!
  • This product is exceptionally efficient in spotting spyware that silently implants your android phones and transmits data to hostile parties. Additionally, protects the users’ devices from espionage threats.
  • An extremely reliable product that has been utilised by the state agencies to combat advanced persistent threats, trojans, and state viruses. Stop infections through AI antivirus effectively.

Dynamic Deep Detection & AI Threat Prevention

  • The deep detection technology helps uproot the threats that are hiding even in the remote corners of users’ android devices.
  • The AI threat prevention works to hinder an attack rather than letting the threats off the grip and working overtime to manage the damage.

Hampers Hacking Operations

  • Using Android phones to perform digital transactions has been the norm currently. However, with no fault of yours or that of the online business with which you made a transaction, still, there are possibilities of identity leaks due to malicious hacking operations.
  • AI antivirus impedes these online hacking attacks by warning you through alerts. Also, it gives you a detailed list of the user data trickled out and the compromised website links.

Improved Protection

AI antivirus can be used even if you have already installed another common antivirus app on the android mobile device for increased protection. 

You may install the free edition and discover AI antivirus functionality. However, if you are a professional who deals with critical data every day, you may go for the pro edition to support your needs. The business edition will be released soon. Whether or not malware attacks the users’ android phones, staying equipped with the Antivirus AI Android by PROTECTSTAR app by Protectstar shields their device perimeter.