How to make data deletion permanent on Windows?


Worried about the protection of your information? You have every right to be, and rightly so. Just envision all your personal and confidential data being available to somebody unfamiliar, somebody unwanted, somebody who can utilize it against you in the most curved manner. A scary prospect, right? Private information is consistently at a security hazard if not discarded safely, and this is the reason one needs a shredder application that erases the information on Windows without any problem.

Data deletion and why it is important

Everything relating to the advanced world is information-driven, and therefore, erasure of the same and wiping your footsteps is equally important. From your ordinary online media handles and their shenanigans to the business and bank necessities, the information that can be obtained is bountiful. When acquired by an undesirable authority, it can endanger your protection and can cause distressing results. Shakedown over private information and payoff requests are the typical outcomes yet one can likewise totally lose his monetary abilities if his bank subtleties and passwords are exposed.

Disadvantages of loss of data

Applications that erase information forever are the correct approach to evading such situations. The application needs to be downloaded on your Windows and one can undoubtedly explore the equivalent to destroying the undesirable content permanently. The calculations and algorithms implemented are utilized in military and government frameworks for secure erasure and the numerous repetitive cycles guarantee the encryption of the necessary information. In the event that you are parting with your old gadget, straightforward organizing won't do the trick and these applications can genuinely guarantee that your information is deleted acceptably before being exposed to the next user.

Advantages of iShredder Windows

  • Comfort: A simple and 3 stage system for erasing any information.
  • Thorough algorithms: Deletion algorithms endorsed by state and military associations and that have been examined by specialists affirming its strength of permanently erasing the information forever.
  • Free space organization: The working framework is delivered clean by shredding all hints of undesirable information and extending the capacity limits.
  • Verification reports: Verify your deletion process and its authenticity by the provided reports that affirm the permanent cycle of destroying the chosen information.
  • Worldwide security principles maintained: EU-GDPR consistent frameworks that outperform global guidelines of information assurance are executed for additional protection.


Protectstar’s iShredder Windows is essential for Windows frameworks and other gadgets that are utilized on a regular basis, particularly on the off chance that they contain touchy information that should be protected and prevented from falling into the unwanted hands.