Mark Zuckerberg Does It, So Why Not You?


If you use a computer then you must have heard about shielding your data. By shielding of data, it is meant that data is vulnerable to theft, and data is the most used medium of spying. Spying is not old school anymore, and the best way to spy on someone is to monitor their data and them. How? You might ask. But it is not that difficult at all. There’s a reason why the founder of Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg tapes his webcam. For us and all of the people in the world, privacy is what matters in the online world. And in a time when online meetings, webinars, online classes, video conferences are becoming more popular, the probability of your privacy being attacked increases. You might be caught up in this world of excessive information, and you haven’t had a time when you could sit and think about the options.

How does modern-day spying happen?

Modern-day technology has made it possible for spies to carry out espionage remotely. Spying might have a team of people operating on a single person, or because the task’s easy - one person doing it all. To spy on you, all that’s required is the access to your webcam and microphone. You might laugh it out and say you are not that important of a person or that you are meticulous about the ‘permissions’ you give to an application when it wants to access the camera or microphone. However, your status or permissions have nothing to do with this.

A skilled scammer can deploy certain code scripts or malware or a trojan on your computer. Your antivirus might not always detect it. Then the script gets to its task and ekes out data. Even when you are away or not using your computer, the webcam and microphone will work and gather every action that you perform and every word you say. Since the LED beside the webcam does not light up, you remain oblivious to the whole recording process. The microphone is even more insidious and the chances of detection are negligible. The data may can then be used for any sort of unscrupulous activity, without your knowledge, consequences of which might be severe!

The way out!

“When there’s a will, there is a way.” If you believe in the above statement and want to get rid of such prying activity, you can use the product that is the best in the market - PROTECTSTAR’s Camera Guard. Just a computer, 50 MB of space, and an internet connection, that’s all you need to use the application. The features of this application are:

  • Webcam and microphone blocker to easily block their use by turning them off when you are away and enabling them when you get back to the task.
  • If you are on a shared network, you can set a PIN for the applications you use to prevent unauthorized access.
  • An inbuilt feature keeps a note of the applications that want unnecessary permissions and want to access the camera. The heuristics engine of the application also notes other suspicious activity.

With this prodigious application, your computer can never be spied upon and the level of security it will enjoy will make it similar to a digital fortress!