No More Spying Using The Microphone!

In this fast-paced world, it is hard to keep track of all the inputs we put into our smartphones. This information in our smartphones is valuable personal information. Still, sometimes this information can be spied on or even collected from the device without the user being able to notice it. This is happening because of the rise of technology and our lives being utterly dependent on fast technology. As we leave digital dust every moment we use the internet, it has become easier for hackers and espionage to reach us. One of the most fraudulent activities which happen is collecting information through our smartphone’s microphone. Collecting data through our microphone is a concerning issue, and it is crucial for us to keep matters under control.

Today, to deal with such a situation, many organisations have designed security applications that will protect smartphones. One such application is Micro Guard™ Android™ 5. It is a microphone security application launched by Protectstar. Protectstar provides the highest level of security to sensitive data. They have been providing their best security services since 2004, and the application they design is trustworthy and useful.

Cybersecurity has gained a lot of attention because people fear cyber-threat. Presently every individual on the planet protects their devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones from malware and hackers. But the advancement in cybersecurity is good news for humans because today, we protect our systems just by downloading an application. These applications are perfects as they protect vital sensitive information. Micro Guard™ Android™ 5 is also a security application that checks all the systems for threat, and if there is any, they update the user on a real-time basis so that issue can be resolved in no-time. Apart from that, it also protects your microphone and checks on all the other applications in the smartphone to ensure no one access microphone to access sensitive information.

Let us look at some of the exciting features of Micro Guard™ Android™ 5

  • Microphone protection
  • Whitelist
  • Graphical window about blocked apps
  • Pop-Ups regarding security breaches
  • 24/7 Support by eMail
  • Protection against known and unknown attack attempts
  • Auto-Protection
  • Deep Detective™ Lite
  • Widget
  • Logfile protocol
  • List of Apps with microphone access

Most of these features are available in the application for free, with only a few features available for the paid users. There are multiple security options available for each user, so every user will find a type of security that suits their needs. This is a highly recommended security application for android, and Protectstar has been working for years to provide the best security services to their customers. With advanced technology and AI, this security application provides top-level security. If you have been waiting for a while to find the best security application, let me tell you your search is over because Protectstar provides the best security in the market. Go ahead and install the application today to enjoy the best security services. Micro Guard™ Android™ 5 is a must install application, if you want your system to be protected.