Our Answer to Which Android App Provides the Best Security Scan and Warnings?

No matter how a good deal of software and security updates users do, how safely they browse, or how keenly they monitor and set app permissions to keep their Android devices guarded, still, some breach exists. To fix these gaps, users need to purchase a reliable antivirus product that prevents malware, spyware, and espionage attacks and manages the calamity in case the devices are infected.

When malware strikes android mobile devices, it disrupts the normal device functioning or damages the device altogether. However, malicious software intends to create troubles for the users with a moderate to huge impact. Due to the elevated digital activity globally, users are exposed to potential threats online more than ever before, with little awareness of the consequences.

There are many android antivirus apps on the market already. But, the hunt for the perfect android security app that offers comprehensive protection from external threats and internal state surveillance still goes on. We would want to mention – Antivirus AI Android app by PROTECTSTAR in this context. A wholesome app that solves malware, spyware, and espionage problems.

We briefly explain this product’s key features here.

Efficient Vaccination Against Malware

An antivirus product powered by AI. This app constantly monitors users’ android devices to find any security risks using the dynamic deep detection analysis. A real-time scanner that reports a new malware detected to the AI cloud for review. On threat confirmation, sufficient countermeasures are taken on the detected device. Simultaneously, the global AI antivirus installed android devices are vaccinated instantly.

AI Scanning Engine Identifies Malware Changes

The traditional malware signatures and definitions are easily recognisable. However, current malware signature changes make it hard for conventional algorithms to locate them. The AI Antivirusemploys advanced deep detection algorithms to facilitate easy pinpointing of harmful malware dynamically.

Protects State Against Advanced Threats & Trojans

This product is one of its kind. It locates and eliminates persistent malware threats and trojans, even in administrative organisations.

AI antivirus employs a real-time self-learning model, which automatically monitors, identifies, and explores patterns and processes. It would also scrutinise the authorisation, certificates, and services.

Shields Android from Espionage

Users looking for a product to guard their data and other critical information from spyware and state surveillance could download AI antivirus to block unwanted attention. It also detects SMS and GPS trackers.

Stops Infections by AI Threat Prevention

AI antivirus has an integrated threat prevention technology that implicitly prevents any malware invasions with even the slightest of suspicions.

Protection from Hacking Attacks

AI antivirus gives users an insight into the personal data and information that has been leaked and the details of the source of leaks. It alerts the AI antivirus users on new hacking threats as well.


Users can have two functioning antivirus apps installed simultaneously with no interference. The users may retain their current antivirus app along with the new AI antivirus app. Users can use both, encountering no issues. The android devices can now have dual protection.


General users may use the free version for moderate protection. However, businesspersons and working professionals may opt for a pro version for high-end android security. The business version will be launched shortly.

Users who wish to continue android mobile transactions seamlessly with no disruptions and malware invasions must go for a premium product like “Antivirus AI android” by PROTECTSTAR. Users must pick this product and explore it to safeguard themselves from online identity theft and financial fraud.