Permanently Delete Text Messages On Your iPhone!


Apple’s iPhones are known for their robust features, beastly performance, great cameras, and a smooth user interface. Their security features are good too! But there is a little fact that is unknown to most people. Not knowing this fact might is a compromise to your device security.
Any kind of security breach is always uncalled for, not to mention unexpected. The source of this breach can be the very simple text messages you send and receive. The best form of written communication is the same component that can give away your data!

What should you be concerned about?

iPhones have a nifty way around your text messages. When someone presses ‘delete’ on the text message on the iPhone, it does not get deleted. iPhone sets a time for the deletion of that text message. Meanwhile, it is hidden from the user’s view. The user thinks that the message is deleted. He continues with his work after that, whatsoever it might be. But this is a major red flag in the security department of iPhones that one should be aware of. Your text messages contain personal texts, photos, and videos via MMS, messages confirming monetary transactions, OTPs and so much more! That surely seems a lot to lose when someone can spy on your messages. You should definitely be searching for “when I delete text messages on iPhone is that permanent?” But this has an effective solution via this app too!

What will this app offer?

This app offers the best in class security for iPhones. Your text messages are truly deleted, ceasing the need for you to search “when I delete text messages on iPhone is that permanent?” time and again. This app also provides a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) for your device which is military-grade encryption for your data. Your unsafe and conventional passwords are replaced by a 4x4 linear passcode, which is more secure.
Your texts are encrypted and can only be accessed and read by you, the sender, and the receiver. All contact-specific information is stored along with the encryption passwords in a separate app. There is also a “Shredder” feature for your data which is an easy 3-step process.
It involves connecting your phone, selecting the data deletion algorithm, and pressing the button to start the process. The app also gives reports which mark the success of the operation. They can be easily verified by the user.


In the modern world, the privacy of data is a big concern. Data is a crucial part of our lives and we do not desire anyone prying on them. This app addresses those security issues and puts an end to the question “when I delete text messages on iPhone is that permanent?” The app has been used by many people, companies, and the Government. If so many people are satisfied with the privacy services offered by this app; then there cannot be a second thought about this app whether it will address your concern of “when I delete text messages on iPhone is that permanent?