Permanently Delete Texts On Your iPhone With Protectstar!

About the developer

Protectstar was founded in 2004 by Chris Bohn, a German security expert. It works with the vision of providing the best cybersecurity solutions. They were among the first few cybersecurity companies to look out for vulnerabilities in phones and computer systems. Since then, they strive to make the best possible security solutions and eliminate as many cybersecurity threats as possible. Protectstar is trusted by a lot of people and companies all over the world. Some Governments also use the military-grade cybersecurity technology that they offer.

About the apps

The iPhone has a different way of deleting data. When something is deleted on an iPhone, it does not go away instantly. It lingers around for a while. The system marks them for deletion, and in the meantime, it is hidden. Thus, it appears that that the component is deleted, but in reality, it is still lurking around. Protectstar’s iShredder and iCrypter are two such apps that will help you permanently delete text messages on your iPhone.

Why should you choose iShredder and iCrypter?

Data has been paramount in the past decade, in 2020, and it will remain so in the future. Any breach of personal data privacy should never be taken lightly. If in the wrong hands, sensitive data can unleash a series of unfortunate events on the user, be it a person, a company, or the Government. All your money could be ransacked if the bank details are leaked. Sensitive security data of the Government could fall into malicious hands. There are so many other negative scenarios that can happen. Thus you should use iShredder and iCrypter from Protectstar and prevent these from happening. Protectstar has gained the trust of many people and companies in the world with its military-grade security measures.

iShredder features:

  • Deletes without leaving a trace: iShredder has numerous patented data deletion methods and algorithms. It is a simple 3-step process that involves connecting your phone, selecting the method, and pressing the start button to begin the shredding. The free space is overwritten with a secure deletion algorithm to prevent any restoration ever.
  • Wipes out free space: The phone eliminates the reference to the file itself but allows new apps to use the same data block. The previously deleted information stays back in reality. With the data deletion methods in iShredder, the free space is wiped out.
  • Erasure reports: iShredder provides verifiable and auditable successful erasure reports. It serves as proof that the data has been erased successfully, and the free space has been overwritten with Protectstar’s state-of-the-art security algorithms.
  • Professional and Military edition: The professional edition and military edition have most common features, but the military edition has more erasing methods than the professional version. It also features two more deletion algorithms than the professional edition. An honorable mention goes to the 50 cycle deletion method that is only available on the military package.

iCrypter features:

  • Photo, video, and document encryption: Messages can be easily snooped over as they pass through multiple server nodes. Images, videos, and documents can be easily seen when passed as messages. iCrypter helps by encrypting the messages. You can also permanently delete texts on your iPhone using this.
  • 256-bit AES encryption: Encryption passwords are stored along with contact details in the iCrypter contacts app, which is a separate entity altogether. Your original contacts stay in the Apple Contacts app.
  • Linear password protection: A linear 4x4 passcode is used to encrypt the data, which is much more secure than conventional encryption using a password.
  • Automatic delete function: This is the measure that will be deployed under extreme conditions only like the phone gets stolen or you lose it. After five wrong password entries, every piece of data is deleted. That includes all the encrypted data as well as the encryptions themselves. It will be a clean slate.

This is the best app to delete text messages from your iPhone permanently. Protectstar is doing an excellent job of protecting your data.