Protect Your Android Device from Malware and Espionage Threats Through AI Antivirus App Now!

Malicious attackers are always on the lookout for easy ways to steal data. Therefore, they equip themselves with top-end technology and tools to accomplish their goals. Unfortunately, having traditional defence mechanisms proves inefficient before the upgraded attacking techniques.

Users must know that these potentially dangerous pieces of code spread too quickly and wreck the android mobile devices soon before they realise it. Downloading normal antivirus apps from the Play Store only secures an android device’s perimeter, like URL filtering and preventing malware intrusions.

However, a holistic solution is a must for a long-term android device protection strategy. Such a solution includes global threat awareness through intelligent technology that covers the mobile network, cloud, and android devices as endpoints. Furthermore, integrating these features with the general anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-malware in device and data security applications is much-needed.

When we were looking for a product that caters to all the above functionality, we stumbled upon the Antivirus AI Android app by PROTECTSTAR. It is supported by ultra-modern threat detection algorithms and automated completely.

Vaccination Against Malware

  • This Artificial-Intelligence based product is ever-ready to tackle incoming malware infections. It employs real-time intelligence to detect new threats and vaccinates the entire global android community with an AI antivirus app downloaded and takes rapid countermeasures on the android device where the new threat was detected for the first time. 
  • The response time of AI antivirus is no more than a few milliseconds on encountering a suspicious malware element.
  • Protects even the government organisations from advanced persistent threats and state trojans.

AI Cloud 

Every threat detected is siphoned to the AI cloud for analysis. If an unknown threat is identified, the protection modules are updated and registered for future reference. When a similar threat is detected on an android device belonging to a different geographic location, the AI antivirus neutralises the threat quickly.

AI Scanning Engine

The heuristic scans enable AI antivirus to learn of any potential threat trying to invade immediately. In addition, it investigates any suspicious activity or contradicting patterns, processes, authorisation, and services. Accurately detects even slight variations in the traditional malware strains and raises the android device’s immunity.

Android Device Protection

  • Attackers seek the most vulnerable points to gain unauthorised access to an android device through identity theft, phishing attacks, and social engineering. AI antivirus safeguards users from these potential threats by extensive monitoring and dynamic analysis of malware. AI antivirus stops infections within seconds!
  • AI antivirus additionally saves users’ android mobile devices from spyware and espionage attacks through dynamic deep detection and AI threat prevention technology.
  • Plus, AI antivirus gives users a complete report on hacking operations. The part of user data that has trickled out and the websites that were compromised to pull out user data are made available for user reference to take corrective measures. Also, the users are immediately notified on encountering a new hacking threat.
  • Double protect your android device by retaining your regular antivirus app along with installing the AI antivirus app.

Available Editions

AI antivirus is a splendid android security app that is catered to users in free and pro editions, the business edition is coming soon. 

Users must examine the “Antivirus AI Android” app by PROTECTSTAR at least once to experience the exclusive features missing in the other standard android antivirus apps. Why look for another app when all you need is here?