Protect Your Device Cameras The Right Way!


If you are an avid watcher of Hollywood action movies, you might have come across many movies where the character says that they should talk somewhere else. By ‘somewhere else’, they refer to a place that has no electrical appliances nearby. Although we rarely have such a place in our lives at this time, and no one can always have adhesive tapes at their disposal, yet you can still have those ‘private’ moments. Why is this being said and how does one achieve this? Well, privacy is a basic right that can be enjoyed by anyone. However, you might need to implement some extra steps to reinforce the right in your life!

Your webcam is a source of distress

If you own a laptop there’s definitely a webcam fixed on top of the screen and a microphone on the body of it, just beside the USB ports. There are the ones you use to communicate, place video calls, do meetings with your team at work, attend webinars and classes, and just so much more. Yet the pair that helps you so much in communication is the one that can single-handedly destroy your privacy.


Let us suppose there is a malware attack on your system, or your network administrator keeps your work always under strict monitoring. How do you know they are not using your camera and microphone? How can you know if the webcam is being used without your permission? Hackers and people with deceitful taste, and even the government and its security agencies, can monitor you. Your webcam might be running, but their program does not allow the little LED beside it to light up - so that you never know that the webcam is being used. And the microphone usage is undetectable altogether. Most of the applications we use nowadays promise that they collect your microphone and camera data to ‘improve’ their product. But what would happen if the product improvement is a mask for shady business practices - for example, selling your personal data to other companies?

How can you prevent yourself from being a victim?

Although the situation is scary, protection is available. PROTECTSTAR’s Camera Guard application for macOS and Android is available for the general public. They are a team of security experts who have been working on data protection for a long time. Their product offers features like:

  • Webcam blocker and microphone blocker: Protection from anyone who tries to gain access to your webcam and microphone. No malware or trojan can crack this. You will get alerted for attempts too!
  • App blocker: if your device is up and running on a shared network, you can set a PIN for the applications so that no one can access your device without adequate authorization.
  • Ransomware protection: When someone threatens you to release your device if and only if you pay them heavily(ransom), it is called ransomware. This application protects you from that too!

That’s it, you cannot be spied upon anymore if you have this application on your device!