Protecting Your Device Is Easier Than Ever

Protection of system and devices has always been a matter of concern for our generation. Data is the most valuable resource in today’s time, and its protection is equally important. There spyware and malware and hackers can intervene with the existing information if they get into the system.

This kind of concerns can be taken care of properly with the help of Protectstar. Protectstar is providing advanced internet security globally since 2004. They are known for there innovative problem-solving capabilities. They strive to achieve great success and design security solutions with the highest standards. Protectstar has recently designed a product “Firewall AI Android”. This is developed to secure all the android software from spyware.

Some of the Interesting features of Firewall AI Android

There are many interesting features of this application, mentioned below, are the ten most interesting features.

  1. Control over installed applications in android
  2. Helps in the firewall logging
  3. Loaded with intrusion prevention systems
  4. Firewall filter lists the standards
  5. Block background application and system application
  6. Reduce the amount of battery wastage
  7. Artificial intelligence to repel cyberattacks
  8. Enhance the firewall for all the outgoing connections
  9. Automatic updates from artificial intelligence
  10. Reduce the consumption of mobile data

Importance of Firewall AI Android protection programs

Below we have mentioned the ten most important functions of the firewall.

  1. This programs checks for applications to stop the server usage, which in return reduces the consumption of mobile data 
  2. It is also involved in the decision making factor about which application is going to have internet access and which won’t have internet access
  3. Firewall AI Android provides real-time updates about any concerning issue in the system so that the issue can be resolved immediately.
  4. This product is made with a combination of Linux firewall fables and strong artificial intelligence to fend of all cyberattack threats.
  5. A strong security combination repels all the potential hackers, spyware, malware and espionage away.
  6. This stops malicious traffic and suspicious activity 
  7. There are several applications that do not require internet access but still ask for internet permission. Firewall AI Android closely monitors such application and report to the user if there is anything suspicious
  8. Provides high-level security from secret services and government organizations.
  9. These channels are pre-blocked by the product, but if any effort is made to establish an incoming or outgoing connection, Firewall AI Android will immediately report it to the user
  10. This program provides full protection from all hackers, spyware and espionage.

Protectstar is offering meaningful service to protect all the android devices out there. They come up with an innovative solution for every cybersecurity issue. This product of Protectstar provides huge customer satisfaction. Protecting devices has never been this easier before. All you need to do to enjoy the facilities is to download the application from the google play store. More importantly, you can install this application on an android device free of cost. This is the most effective application to ensure the security level. All we can say about Firewall AI Android is that it is a meaningful product with meaningful services.

In the 21st century, we hardly get anything that is so good and it also for free. Firewall AI Android is one such thing. So far, we discussed the benefits and features of the application, which makes the application sound quite promising. So if you want to secure your android, get Firewall AI Android from Protectstar.