Protectstar Ensures Top-Notch Cybersecurity On Your iPhone

About the developer

Protectstar works with the vision of providing the best cybersecurity solutions to people. It was founded back in 2004 by Chris Bohn, a German security expert. The company has expanded and now is a team of 25 people from different parts of the world. Everyone is great at what they do and they have been delivering the best cybersecurity software. Information security is very important nowadays and their pledge to provide ‘military-grade’ security is helping us immensely.

About the apps

The iPhone runs on a mature OS called iOS. It has many great features. However, there is a little snitch. When you delete a message on your iPhone, it is scheduled to be deleted at a later time. The component is removed from the user’s sight, hence it appears to have been deleted. But iShredder and iCrypter change that fact and truly delete something from your iPhone.

Why should you use iShredder and iCrypter over other apps?

Protectstar has been in this field for the last 15 years. The products they have released are used by Governments, companies, and people alike. They have been praised for their deletion algorithms and the level of encryption they provide. You can truly trust them as they can permanently delete iPhone text messages. No traces will ever be found.

Features of iCrypter:

  • Photos, videos, and documents are encrypted: Messages contain sensitive media like photos, videos, and documents which can be personal as well as work-related. Protectstar ensures all such information is encrypted. Also, when the delete button is pressed, it makes sure that the message is obliterated.
  • 256-bit AES encryption: Advanced Encryption Standard is shortened as AES.. iCrypter offers a separate app called iCrypter Contacts Tool which keeps contact-specific encryptions in it.
  • Linear password: A simple 4 digit passcode is insecure. Hence 4x4 linear passwords are used which is unconventional and more secure.
  • Automatic data deletion: The user does not have to panic if he/she loses their iPhone or it gets stolen. iCrypter has a feature which will help you delete all encrypted data along with the encryption passwords if your phone ever gets into the wrong hands.

Features of iShredder:

  • Patented data-deletion methods: Protectstar’s data deletion methods are patented. In a simple process that involves connecting your phone and choosing the method of deletion, all the data that you want to get rid of is done in just a click.
  • No references: iPhone’s just delete the reference link to the ‘deleted’ file. But iShredder wipes out the space that was freed. In that case, new apps cannot overwrite the old data that exists even after deletion.
  • Auditable reports of erasure: After iShredder is done with the data deletion process, it publishes a report that can be used to verify the deletion.
  • Military and Professional versions.: Two versions of the app are offered -professional edition and military edition. The military edition has some extra features, notably, the 18 deletion algorithms and a patented 50-cycle secured deletion algorithm.

So, with Protectstar, there is an answer to the question you have been asking for so long- “How to permanently delete iPhone text messages?” You can use its products, viz., iShredder and iCrypter to secure your phone better than before. Protectstar is truly a star in the cybersecurity world.