Put An End To Spying Using The Microphone On Android.

In the 21st century, we are all using smartphones. A smartphone contains many important data, and the user needs to make sure that the data is protected. But, even after protecting data, there are other means by which hackers, malware and spies can collect information from you. It is important for users to protect their microphones in their smartphone. Yes! Many applications on the phone can access your microphone and listen to you all day to collect information.

Today, many people out there in the world know about such threats and take necessary precautions to prevent such violations from taking place. But, if you are not aware of any such threat and haven’t taken any protection, there is nothing to worry about. From now on, you can use the Micro Guard™ Android™ 5 application, which will protect the microphone from getting exploited by espionage activity. Micro Guard™ Android™ 5 is launched by Protectstar. They have been providing top-level security services for the last two decades, and their customers highly recommend their products. This particular application is for android users, but nothing to worry about. If you are using IOS, you will find a separate security application for IOS users on their website. In fact, Protectstar even provides security for mac and windows. This is a trustworthy organization and is assured that this application is not going to disappoint you. Let’s check out some of the features of the Micro Guard™ Android™ 5 application.

Five most essential features of Micro Guard™ ;

  1. With a few clicks, the application will be examining the smartphone and all the applications in it. This is important because many applications try to access the microphone while they don’t need it for their functionality. This kind of fraudulent activity can be stopped by using Micro Guard™ Android™ 5.
  2. This application has a fantastic feature with which you can detect if there have been any previous fraudulent attacks on your smartphone. 
  3. They have millions of attack signatures, so they can easily protect their user from a vast array of hacking activities. 
  4. These applications look after all the nooks and concerns of all the accesses to the android smartphone. 
  5. This application can be used for android tablets and smartphones. They occupy very minimal disk space and reduce battery consumption.

The fascinating part of all these above features is available for free. There is a pro version of this same application that provides camera protection, and it is available for a reasonable price. In the paid version, you get a security guard for the camera and microphone and for free, you get complete microphone protection. Microphone protection is crucial because we talk all to our friends and our phones are always near us, and an application can be accessing information. Still, if a trustworthy free application is available, ensuring total security, everyone should give it a try. Data in the smartphone is very personal to us; make sure it doesn’t fall into any wrong hands.