The Best Android Mobile Device Monitor and Antivirus Security is Here!

Android smartphones have become indispensable to carry out both essential and critical transactions seamlessly. Since the advent of android mobile gadgets, most of the communications and financial undertakings have migrated from desktop to mobile devices. These devices have gained a significant market share due to their affordability and easy-to-use interface. Nevertheless, the high popularity of android phones makes them highly vulnerable to malware threats and attacks.

Android malware attacks are designed to gain unauthorised remote access to a host android system, examine the infested device’s details, and steal critical data and information. Guard these android systems against unwarranted debacles by installing antivirus software. We bring you this product – “Antivirus AI Android” by PROTECTSTAR to shield your android phones from unsuspected malicious software activity.

Major Features:

Vaccination Against Malware

An AI-based product that scans your Android device for malware, spyware, or any form of espionage in real-time. On encountering an unknown threat, the protection modules are updated, and curative measures are launched. The meta-data of this suspicious software is transmitted to an AI cloud to perform deep analysis. On confirmation of a new malware existence, globally, all android phones with this app installation are vaccinated!

AI Scanning Engine

Traditional antiviruses detect malware based on signature models and pattern analysis. Even so, the AI antivirus employs artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to hunt down varied adaptive malware threats. Provides daily doses of vaccinations instead of signature updates.

The AI scanner is exceptionally dynamic and responds within milliseconds. It employs heuristic Scanning Algorithms, a real-time self-discovery model, which instinctively recognises and analyses patterns, processes, and authorisation.

Defends Advanced Threats and State Trojans

The distinctive feature of this product is it accurately determines undesirable trojans even from government establishments.

Secures Devices from Digital Espionage

Android devices benefit from the protection offered by this product. Mobile phones are safeguarded from spyware like mSpy, FinSpy used by government and law enforcement organizations. And also, from the digital surveillance as spying, SMS, and GPS tracking operations.

Curbs Malware Infections by Dynamic Deep Detection

A reliable product that prevents android mobile devices from malware strikes other users aren’t familiar with yet. Plus, it protects devices dynamically from ransomware and hinders the encryption of data files without authorisation.

Saves Compromised Email Addresses

People aren’t cognizant of where their email addresses land when they sign up for online services. As a result, hackers may get their hands on user information by breaking into third-party websites. This product offers an identity theft check to determine if an Android user’s account has been leaked. Android users access information on the compromised websites list, and the data that trickled out of the user’s system. AI antivirus also notifies you if a new data theft occurs.

Combination Effect

Android Users could use AI antivirus solutions along with their existing antivirus apps with no hindrance.

Available in

Free Edition

  • Traditional Antivirus and AI Antivirus scanner
  • Protection against Malware, Trojans, and Spyware
  • Protection against Spy apps
  • Anti-Ransomware protection
  • Malware engine is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Deep Detective and AI Threat Prevention
  • Detection of well-known spy apps like mSpy, etc., which law enforcement agencies often use
  • Daily vaccinations instead of signature updates
  • Over 100.000.000 Spyware/Malware signatures
  • Detects fraudulent elements such as HiddenAds, FakeApps, Sms-Thief, Exploits, BankBots, Joker, and many more.
  • Detects monitoring apps, SMS, and GPS trackers
  • Detects hidden and deactivated spies
  • Password protection
  • No root rights are required
  • Protectstar Artificial Intelligence (AI) CLOUD
  • Safe removal of malware using iShredder technologies
  • Protection against uninstallation

Pro Edition

  • All the features of the FREE Edition
  • Verification of data theft
  • Real-time protection
  • Vaccinations in real-time
  • Real-time and priority updates
  • Artificial Intelligence PRO
  • Protection against Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) & state Trojans including FinSpy and Pegasus
  • AI Life Rules (Artificial Intelligence automatically creates its malware vaccinations in real-time)
  • Setup of an automatic background scan on certain days and times
  • Advanced heuristic malware engine detects unknown Trojans and viruses
  • Protectstar AI CLOUD (enhanced)

Business Edition (Coming soon!)

  • All the features of the PRO Edition
  • Suitable for companies
  • Volume licensing
  • Extended configuration options

AI antivirus product is worth a try, as users get to exploit the many advantageous features without making a single product update to detect new malware. So install AI antivirus and utilise it sufficiently to enhance the detection and overall protection rate of your android mobile devices.