The Best Firewall App For Android

If you are an internet user, disregarding the medium of use - a PC or smartphone - then you must have heard of the term - ‘firewall’. A firewall is what is used to protect your computer from malicious attacks from various sources. The internet is a bizarre place. So, with the help of a firewall, you can be sure that no unwanted person or agency or whatever be it, gains access to your phone. And Android is also known for its vulnerabilities. So, it is essential that you get a firewall for your Android phone, and it can be done easily with the help of a firewall app.

Features you should look out for!

  • Basic Functionalities: When you are using a firewall app for your phone, it should provide you with the basic functions like helping block unwanted traffic and network traffic that suddenly wants to reach your phone without possible cause. It should meticulously control the incoming and outgoing traffic. No compromises should be made on that front.
  • Nice UI: Many people do not pay much attention to how good the user interface is but they should. A simple user interface helps in finding things easily. An example is PROTECTSTAR’s Firewall AI Android app. It has the simplest of UI’s possible and things are just a click away.
  • No root: A good app will never ask for root access. It will do its thing without asking for root access. Granting root access will let the app access places you don’t want to. However good the app may be, it should not ask for root access. Also, the process of rooting is a cumbersome process, if not impossible.
  • Filter lists: The app should filter known spy servers and make sure each connection made to the server is secure. Secured websites offer a better and safer browsing experience. This is one of the most important features that should be present on the app.
  • Block apps: There are certain apps that do not require the internet, yet want internet access. Although not all apps are like this, it is a great vulnerability. This points to the fact that when you are using the internet and granting internet access to these apps, they will make use of the underlying scripts that they have and slowly leak your data.
  • Trust: Trust is the backbone of everything. Similarly, in apps like these, if customers have trusted themselves to use this app - then it’s a positive sign. If millions of people have left behind 5-star reviews praising the app’s features and functions, then you can always try out the app.

That’s the case for PROTECTSTAR’s Firewall AI Android app. Sure enough, Android offers a lot of customizations but it is also the operating system that’s prone to multiple vulnerabilities. But with this app, you know that you are going to be protected against cyber attacks. The malware detector is an added feature on the app, but it’s pretty welcome given the hideous and largely undetectable nature of malware.

Just install the app, and see how it fortifies your protection in minutes, and the service you receive will be unparalleled!