The Best Level Of Mobile Security!


Since the past few years, there has been an increase in mobile phones being released. Android devices in the maximum volume of devices published per year, whereas Apple makes iterative upgrades each year to its iPhones. The rate of pushing out new technology and iterative upgrades has accelerated dramatically in the past few years. Hence, keeping up with mobile security has become a stupendous task. Nonetheless, the work has to be done. Since there are so many mobile users, there should be no compromises made to their data protection. The most accessible component to snoop in on the phone are the text messages. And phones have a way around them. Hence, your question “how to permanently delete a text message.” is valid.

The nature of text messages

Not many mobile phone users are aware of this, but it does not get deleted immediately when you delete a text message. It does not matter what platform you are working on - Android or iOS. When you delete a text message, it is scheduled by the system for deletion. The deletion happens at a later date. However, as soon as the ‘delete’ button is pressed, the text message is hidden from the user. The user stays under the impression that his/her messages have been deleted. They continue with their life, not knowing or having the slightest hint about what might unfold if some malicious attack is launched. Text messages would be the most vulnerable point of a data leak, and yet the best source of information for the attacker.

Safety Concerns

After knowing this, one should be concerned about their data. Since your text messages are not deleted, hence all your personal information, photos, etc, can easily be taken hold of, and the scammer might use them at his advantage and demand ransom. Getting caught in that loop is uncalled for. Even bank transaction messages, OTP messages can be snooped upon, and you will get a deadly setback in life. Your search for “how to permanently delete a text message” is justified after you are done reading this part of the article. But the “how to permanently delete a text message” search will only give you some vague answers, so you should use this app instead!

Why should you use this app?

This app has been in the security market for 15+ years, and they offer military-grade encryption and security for your device. They provide 256-bit AES encryption for your data. The data is also encoded with a 4x4 linear passcode, which is more secure than conventional passwords. Completely separate app stores all contract-specific information along with encryption passwords so that even if an attack occurs, your data will not be compromised. All your messages are encrypted and cannot be read at the multiple server nodes it passes through. Only the receiver can see it.


This app is the answer to your “how to delete a text message” question permanently. If you use this app, you can sleep in peace, knowing that your text messages are encrypted and permanently deleted when you press the ‘delete’ button. No more typing on Google - “how to permanently delete a text message”. Your data will be secure!