The best spyware doctor for Android is here!

What is spyware?

Spyware can be an app, device or software programme that lets criminal minds collect and monitor information from your system( smartphones, Laptops, tablets). Some people misuse the tools and perform this kind of unethical invasive activity.

Today spyware poses a massive threat to Android smartphone users. Most people around the world have an android smartphone because it is more affordable and IOS, and equally functional. Most of them spend a considerable chunk of their time scrolling through the smartphone. It is uploading photos, replying to a text, getting notification from different applications, creating a new account, signing up for a course or answering back to comments every moment you make a digital input on your smartphone. All these data inputs are personal, and anyone monitoring or collecting these data is invading your privacy, and it is cybercrime. Everyone needs to take some necessary precautions from their end, which is why the reason Protectstar has launched Anti Spyware Scanner. It scans all kinds of spyware, malware, SMS-tracking, GPS-tracking. It also keeps track of suspicious potential threats. And, all these can be done with just one click on the SCAN button.

Let’s look at some of the most striking features of Anti-spyware Scanner;

  • Real-time Protection
  • Priority real-time signature updates
  • Regular daily signature updates
  • Protectstar™ AI Cloud (standard)
  • Whitelist Feature
  • Detects hidden and disabled spies
  • Detects fraudulent elements like HiddenAds, FakeApps, Sms-Thief, Backdoors, Exploits, BankBots, Anubis, AgentSmith, Joker, Ransomware, etc.
  • Detection of known spy apps that governments often use
  • Anti Malware: Detects spyware and various types of malware
  • Detection of monitoring apps, SMS-, and GPS trackers
  • Over 20,000,000 spyware signature
  • Free protection against spyware

Almost all these features are available for free in the Antispy scanner application. Only two extra features are available in the paid version: real-time protection and priority real-time signature updates. Apart from these two, all the other features are available for free. And if you want to go for the paid version, even that is available at a very reasonable price. The best part about this application is taking up very minimal disc space, reducing battery consumption, and does not collect any data from the user from any platform. If you have plans to invest in a security application, then you don’t have to wait for it any more. Go ahead and download this application.

This application is designed by Protectstar, and this organization has been developing security software for the last two decades. Their motto is “Shaping Security”, and they fully stand by it. They highly value their customer, so every product is designed, keeping in my exact customer needs. So if you are using an application developed by Protectstar best rest assured that you would like it. Spyware is actual. Even if you can’t see them, they exist, and they have the capacity to distort a lot of data. So keeping your data secure and safe is essential, and it is possible the antispy scanner application, so make sure you download it.