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We, humans, need protection, by all means like we take help of police, doctors, family, etc. People are very privileged that they can actually get better treatment and help when they need it and whenever they are infected with poison from outside they are treated properly to get back to a healthy life. The same goes with our device, they too can get attacked by various viruses and diseases but the only difference is that we don’t really care what happens after they get sick.

The answer is, your own mobile phone after getting sick can become your enemy and have the ability to destroy you emotionally and financially too.

Spyware works like a virus that can get into your phones and take everything they got. They can send the most valuable information to the hackers, can hijack your bank account details, change your passwords, and whatnot.

Spyware is a type of malicious software or malware that is installed on your device without the end user's knowledge.

Spyware is one of the most common threats to internet users. Once installed, it monitors all kinds of activity, tracks login credentials, and spies on sensitive information.

And the worst part of spyware is that it cannot be easily detected and the users won’t even know when they clicked the wrong pop-up or even installed an app that contains spyware.

In the case of mobile devices, they increase data usage and battery life and make the mobile processor really slow.

Common ways you can infect your device with spyware!

  • pirating media, including games, videos, and music;
  • downloading materials from unreliable or unknown sources;
  • accepting a prompt without reading the content; and
  • accepting and opening email attachments from unrecognized senders.

Spyware is something that can easily get into your devices, whether you have android or iPhone, but the increase of spyware in android is more than that of iPhone because in iOS you need a jailbreaker and it’s much difficult to get into it.

24% of Android phones they scanned in the U.S. had surveillance-ware installed intended to target a specific individual.

Types of spyware

1. Adware. This type of spyware tracks your browser history and downloads, with the intent of predicting what products or services you’re interested in.

2. Trojan. This kind of malicious software disguises itself as legitimate software, it can give access to the third party such as credit card information number, etc. it is the biggest threat and can also leave zero in your bank account.

3. Tracking cookies. These track the user’s web activities, such as searches, history, and downloads, for marketing purposes.

4. System monitors. This type of spyware can capture just about everything you do on your computer.

Thanks to Protectstar which introduced apps that can genuinely help and protect the users in all forms, they provide free services for android phones.

How does this app work to remove spyware?

  • It Detects and removes the spyware already present on your device.
  • It also helps in Preventing you from downloading spyware through anything and any other form.
  • It Encrypts your files to secure your private data because in a lot of cases a massive loss is been done due to the leakage of personal and business information.
  • Encrypting your keystrokes to confuse “keylogger” spyware.
  • It blocks access to your device's camera or microphone, because believe it or not even when you are not using and opening your camera it has the ability to record everything.
  • Scanning the dark web for signs that your personal information has been stolen.
  • It provides protection and helps to form security for your device.