Uncovering the Best Android Security App for Users Now!

We share this to educate users who aren’t cognizant of the adverse effects of a malware attack. Malware creeps into the android system and creates havoc by showing up annoying ads now and then. It keeps users busy closing the ads only to face much more waiting in the queue to appear on the device screen.

Apart from the above disruptions, a malicious piece of code sneaks in to gain access to your private information, like your personal details, banking credentials, user-IDs and passwords, contact lists, device information, etc. The accumulated information is collected by hostile parties and sold to unknown users who commit identity theft.

Users need to understand the potential dangers of hosting such malware on android mobile devices as many don’t even know such harmful software is lying on their device. The users grant access to the malware, not knowing it is an imposter, and resign themselves to misery.

We have a brilliant solution to handle such unwarranted malware intrusions that we intend to share with the readers. Antivirus AI Android app by Protectstar is our best answer to the question of which Android security app blocks malware effectively.

We briefly explain the prime app features users would be interested in –

Vaccination Against Malware

AI antivirus app is one of its kind that employs futuristic technology to combat malware attacks. On detecting a suspicious piece of code, this app reports it to an AI cloud that analyses to understand the nature of the threat. On threat confirmation, remedial measures are taken to flush out the newly detected threat from the android device on which it was first found. Simultaneously, all the android devices across the globe harbouring AI antivirus apps are vaccinated against this new threat.

Deep detection Technology

This product has ultra-modern detection algorithms integrated into it. It spares no corner in the android device in search of hazardous malware. Plus, it works in real-time and responds swiftly, say, within a few milliseconds of threat identification. Quick resolution is what the app aims at. Stops infections as soon as it detects them.

AI Scanning Engine

AI antivirus adopts this technology to impulsively scan the users’ android devices without taking a single break to keep the device and data secured. Its primary goal is to sniff inconsistencies in signatures, patterns, processes, and authorisations on android mobile devices.

Shields Android from Varied Threats & Espionage

Recognises even the slightest changes in the malware patterns, definitions, and signatures. Accurately spot concealed spyware on the device. Blocks ransomware from locking up your files. The AI antivirus app is trusted even by the state authority, for it neutralises advanced persistent threats and trojans that intrude the government organisations.

Hampers Hacking Threats

Users who are victims of hacking attacks may try their hand at this app. Every time a hostile agent tries breaking in to extract user data and information, AI antivirus intervenes and alerts the users to modify their login credentials. On an added note, this app also summarises the user data leaked and the websites compromised.

Dual Security

Users may use AI antivirus along with the other android antivirus apps on their devices for added security.


This product is available in free and pro editions. Users who usually use their android devices for no more than communication purposes may install the free edition. At the same time, professionals or business executives who have critical business data lodged in their android mobile devices may purchase the pro version to gain access to the best of device and data security services. The business edition will be launched soon! 

Most of the regular antivirus apps secure android devices by blocking malware and other viruses. While the distinct feature of the Antivirus AI Android app by Protectstar is it saves the users android devices from espionage operations too! Isn’t it a reason enough to try this app?