Want To Securely Delete Files On Windows? The Solution Is Here!


If you are a Windows user, you must be skeptical about your data. It is widely known that data is not permanently deleted in Windows, regardless of the version, be it Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8, or even Windows 10. It does not matter if you use a hard disk or a solid-state drive(SSD). When you delete data on it, the data is not permanently deleted, instead, it stays on your drive.

What happens when you delete data on windows?

When you delete a piece of data on Windows, the Windows OS deletes the reference to that data block, not the data in reality. The data block is only marked as free. New data can always enter and overwrite that block.

Why should you be concerned?

Such a data deletion mechanism is a pitfall for security and should raise an alarm because data privacy is paramount today! Let us say you had important passwords saved in your Windows machine. You have changed passwords recently and since you no longer need the old data, you press ‘delete’ and get rid of it. But have you really removed everything by pressing ‘delete’? No, you have not. In case someone snoops over your computer or, let’s say your antivirus software has expired, that data can be retrieved. If the data falls into the wrong hands, your Windows PC can be disabled by them for a time being and you are looking at ‘ransomware’.

Ransomware is malicious software that can lock your computer down and demand ransom, i.e money, or bitcoins. Only after paying them, they promise to release your data. But they cannot be trusted, as they have your data as well as your payment information, i.e bank account numbers, credit card, and debit card information, etc. They can leverage your data to push you to a position where you cannot financially recover!

The solution!

There is no need to panic as the solution is available to prevent such cases of data theft and data manipulation with privacy breaches. You can use Protectstar’s iShredder Windows to delete data from your Windows PC, permanently! It has been used by government agencies and professionals and has been tested by over a million users worldwide. It offers a wide range of benefits like:

  • Multiple data deletion methods: There are several data deletion algorithms and methods certified and developed by pioneering data security experts that make several overwrite on your deleted data so that no trace of the original data is left.
  • Erasure reports: To certify that the data deletion was not a fluke, this app will also provide you with an erasure report which can be verified to make sure the data was really deleted.
  • Data Protection Regulation complaint: This app makes sure the deletion methods and processes are compliant with the globally followed data protection norms.

With iShredder Windows application, even your deleted data will be secure!