Why is a firewall app a must-have for everyone?

A firewall is a security device that follows a defined set of security rules. Mostly the security device monitors the outgoing and incoming traffic network. They have the ability to allow or block specific traffic. In simple language, the firewall is the first line of control for network security. A firewall is available for both hardware and software.

Importance of a firewall

There are numerous benefits of a firewall, but below I mentioned the most important one.

  1. Having a firewall protects you from cyber attacks. The firewall has the ability to stop unauthorized remote access. 
  2. Everyone enjoys playing games on their PC’s or on their phones. If you have Firewall installed that will make your online game safer. 
  3. If you are using a good firewall, it will provide you with the ability to block specific websites.

In general, all firewall provide these level of protection. It is important to use an application that is trustworthy. Protectstar is an application that does not collect digital information from the user. Moreover, the Protectstar application is Ad-free. It is completely convenient for any user. The Firewall application Protectstar has launched is known as “Firewall AI Android”.

Let’s look at the benefits of using “Firewall AI Android”

Their many benefits of Firewall AI Android, below mentioned are few of the most important ones.

  1. The UI and UX of this application are amazing, and they provide top-level protection and control against cyber threats. 
  2. This application also has the ability to protect you from hackers. They immediately notify the user about unauthorized data breaches. 
  3. This application will help you check how much data every other application is using. It will even help you check if any application is wasting mobile data. 
  4. Their security which they provide via their application is top-level because they have combined firewall with artificial intelligence. 
  5. Along with this combination of technology, they also use some amazing tools to support this process. Those tools can easily fend off modern hacker attacks, malware, and even security bugs.
  6. This application also has the ability to stop malicious traffic and suspicious activity.
  7. Many applications send your sensitive information to other countries' servers without notifying the users about it. Protectstar can identify such applications. With the help of Protectstar, you can block the online access of a particular application.

Features provided in the “Firewall AI Android”

  • Firewall 
  • Block Application
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Intelligent services
  • Secure filter list
  • Detect malware

So far we can easily say that it will be hard to say no such a wonderful application. In today’s time, cybersecurity is something that everyone is trying to learn, invest and use to their advantage. This is only because the cyber attacks are extremely complicated to understand, and all the sensitive information is at risk. As cybersecurity increases these attackers and hackers gear up, even more, to come up with better tools that can access sensitive data.

This is the reason why we need Firewall AI Android by Protectstar. They will keep our android safe from hackers and malware. This is a perfect application because it communicates the data breaches to the user; they provide data protection; they always ask for user consent to process information and lastly anonymize data for privacy. With all these facilities this application provides, we can easily vouch that this is the best firewall application in the market.