Worried about confidential data deletion on Windows? No more worrying!


What do you do when you want to get rid of certain media, conversations, and documents? You delete them and empty the recycle bin of course, but does that really help? The answer is simple, it does not. In fact, all it does is make you live under the false pretense of safety when your data is vulnerable and exposed to illegal acquisition.

Levels of Information confidentiality

Needless to say, erasing your digital footprints without any traces is of utmost importance. There are multiple apps and platforms that can encrypt the required data and ensure safety but the sad truth is, the majority of them don’t uphold standards and hence the complete process is not ensured. There are very few apps that uphold International standards by using certified deletion algorithms and these are typically the ones that are used by military and government organizations. These apps would have specialized domains just to ensure these levels of security and can be purchased and utilized by the average customer as well.

Prevent vulnerability and exposure

Protectstar’s iShredder Windows can completely and securely shred data is the correct way to avoid any unwanted circumstances. Applications that erase information forever are the correct approach to evading such situations. The app once downloaded on your Windows framework can assist you in the required processes. It does not matter which version of the OS you possess, the app can manifest in all versions of Windows. One can now easily navigate the app with its user-friendly interface and destroy the required data with minimum hassles. These apps work even better than simply formatting your entire system, and this feature is especially useful when selling your gadgets.

Usability and features

  • Easy interface: User friendly and easy to use without excessive navigation, only follow a 3 step procedure for deleting any content.
  • Certified systems: Algorithms endorsed by state and military associations that have been certified by the required authorities.
  • Extended storage: Clear up your storage by freeing up your upload links and deleting unwanted content.
  • Follow up: Reports that confirm permanent deletion and its authenticity duly provided after the process is completed for further verification.
  • International standards: Trusted state of the art systems employed that have been certified internationally and are GDPR compliant.


The iShredder Windows is a hands-on requirement for any Windows system and must be invested is as soon as possible to prevent exposure of data, its only a clicks away so why not?