Worried About Securely Deleting Files On Windows? Remove Them With iShredder Windows!


You must have heard that data deletion on Windows PC is not permanent at all! Yes, that’s true. When you delete any kind of data on your Windows PC, it does not get deleted and obliterated. Instead, it can be traced back if someone, i.e., hackers and other viruses, if they get into your system. You cannot guarantee that your Windows PC will never come under such an attack, can you? Once they get into your system, they can derive access to all kinds of data - your photos, videos, documents, passwords, credit, debit card details, and so on.

What happens when you press the ‘delete’ button on your Windows PC?

When the ‘delete’ button is pressed on your Windows PC, it works, but to an extent. When the button is pressed, the Windows OS actually deletes the reference to that data. The actual data is not deleted, and new data can always be overwritten on the old data block! Such methods are detrimental to device security and data privacy because scammers can overcome minute security hurdles and gain access to sensitive data, which can be used later by them to elicit monetary benefits from you.

What can you do to protect yourself?

To prevent such data breaches from happening on your Windows PC, you should use Protectstar’s iShredder Windows application . It covers a wide range of security issues and has security measures inbuilt to protect your PC from such malicious attacks. You can get the level of security that government officials and other high-tier cybersecurity personnel enjoy, sitting at home. This application offers multiple options like:

  • Multiple proven data deletion procedures: Several data deletion algorithms and methods certified and developed by data security experts and other cybersecurity agencies are available. Most of these methods overwrite the data multiple times with different ‘passes’, which signifies the deletion cycles that are used to obliterate any previous data or data records.
  • Erasure reports: To prove that the data deletion was not a gimmick, this app will also provide you with an auditable erasure report. It can be verified to make sure the data was really deleted. You can verify by yourself that no trace of past data in any form - photos, videos, documents, or passwords, has been left behind.
  • European General Data Protection Regulation norms compliant: The data deletion algorithms mentioned correspond to all norms as per the ‘European General Data Protection Regulation’, which states that confirmation for deleted data must be documented. If personal data is no longer required, it must be securely removed from all systems.


With iShredder Windows application that complies with all data security requirements and global norms, you can finally be at peace knowing that your data has actually been deleted permanently and retrieval is impossible. No one will be able to reverse the process either. You will enjoy security features enjoyed by governments and military personnel, while you are sitting and relaxing at home!