Worried about webcam spying? Protect yourself the smart way


The word privacy is an alien concept in the digital world, it just doesn’t make sense anymore! Everything from work to our personal lives and even our possessions are all consigned to this digital utopia, or so it would seem. Webcam spying is just one of the few breaches in security the cyber world has to offer, and boy is it ugly.

How does it happen?

Millions of users are vulnerable to this breach of personal space and the worst part is, there is no way to even know if we are a victim or not. The camera usually blinks with its attached LED light when the webcam is on but nowadays, hacking softwares can easily bypass that barrier and run undetected. It only takes clicking on a fake ad or a message or even providing feedback to a site that can trigger the malware. Once your camera is accessible, it can take pictures and record you whenever the hacker desires. The latest malwares are especially dangerous because they specifically target the user’s integrated device camera and can easily bypass the warning signal.


Now that we have established that everyone and everything is spied upon, is it not wise to invest in protection? Apps such as Protectstar’s camera guard enable protection with just one click. One click, and all your cameras are under lockdown. No spy no malware no malicious app can overrule this system of protection and every attempt to do so is immediately notified to the user. These apps are convenient and user friendly and do not hinder the functionality of your phone or its other processes. These apps are implemented by even military and government organizations to safeguard sensitive information as one never knows who intends to take a little peek.

Think you are just paranoid and overthinking?

Believe it or not, it is justified. There have been numerous cases in the past where sensitive information has been leaked due to these breaches and tremendous amounts of damage and loss of resources have been incurred. One such example is the painful experience of Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf who was secretly recorded and exposed to the internet. Who is to guarantee that the same thing will not happen to you?


Paranoia can help you be prepared if anything. In the cybercrime world, there is no second chance. You will not be given an option, you will not be asked for favors, and regret is definitely not going to save you. A camera guard is only going to safeguard and enhance your privacy, and it would be foolish to not invest in the same.