Company: Protectstar™ Incorporated Founded: 2004 Business year: 4/01 - 3/31 Headquarter: West Palm Beach, FL, USA. Branch Offices: 2 Number of Employees: 20 Stock & Shares: $25,000,000 divided in 25 mio. stock shares

Company profile

Protectstar™ was founded in 2004 by German security expert Chris Bohn in a small storage facility in Bradenton. Today, Protectstar™ has more than 4,000,000 customers in 123 countries, from industrial, government, and military sectors, as well as individual users.

Protectstar™ was among the first companies to check mobile devices for security risks, a pioneering effort leading to significant security improvements in smartphones.

In 2006, it released the award-winning Data Shredder for Windows, which has become an industry standard in secure data deletion.
The company's iShredder™, released in 2011, is the leading Android and iOS data erasure app that protects against third parties restoring deleted files.

Since 2016, Protectstar™ is one of the first companies to apply artificial intelligence and deep learning to cybersecurity. The coming new revolutionary technologies provides real-time prevention and unmatched zero-day attack protection for endpoints and mobile.


We supply our products and services to both SMEs and large public and private sector organizations, where these solutions are currently used by up to 30,000 employees of IT security providers, professional journals, and international organizations.

We count among our customers military and government organizations from countries such as the US, Britain, Australian and others, as well as banks, police organizations, aerospace companies, security and business consultants, industrial companies, physicians, and wealth managers.

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