The world’s most secure
pocket-size data vault

Make life simpler, easier and more secure.
Maximally secure in fact. Without compromise.

ProtectStar™ iTreasure™ is one of the world’s most secure apps – and what’s more, it offers fully intuitive operation.

Protecting your data is more important today than ever before. Regardless of whether it’s your CV,
vacation snapshots, personal videos, account statements, or secret
notes, you need to safeguard your confidential data against
unauthorized third parties and hackers – at all times,
and without exception.

iTreasure™ is a powerful and impregnable data vault that
fully protects all of the data stored in it and offers
unmatched user friendliness.

An encrypted-data vault

Thanks to cutting edge data security technologies,
iTreasure™ provides military-level data security, since
all of the contents of your data vault are fully encrypted
using powerful 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption
Standard) algorithms.256-bit AES encryption is one
of the best methods in the world and is used for
applications such as encrypting top secret military
and intelligence documents.

With one hand and one finger,
manage an entire data vault
intuitively with your thumb

iTreasure™ is mainly designed for use with the iPhone™
and iPod™ touch, which enable you to manage and configure
your entire secure data vault using only one thumb.

This works whether you’re opening your secure vault using
the click wheel, pasting in folders, importing pictures and
videos, or moving elements around within the vault.

You control everything intuitively using your thumb. And
using a fingertip, you can paste picture folders or secret
notes into iTreasure™, or you can scan in confidential
documents using the scanning function.

An automatic-delete function – just in case

In the event your Apple™ device is lost or stolen, thanks to iTreasure™
you need not,worry about your stored data, because with the
automatic-delete function (File Safe Protection) activated, your
iTreasure™ can be configured to delete all of the data
stored on it after five invalid passwords are entered.

In such cases, the entirety of the contents of your secure data
vault is deleted in such a way that the data cannot be recovered,
in accordance with military security standards such as the US
Department of Defense’s DoD 5220.22-M E method. The deletion
technology for this process is based on the prize winning and highly
popular ProtectStar™ iShredder™ apps.

Thanks to ProtectStar™ Smart Viewer, file viewing
is more simple anduser friendly than ever

For any file format. Whether it’s pictures, videos, PDF, text files, ZIP, RAR, HTML,
vCard, Microsoft Office or Apple iWork documents. Virtually all formats supported.

The Apple App Store carries a large selection of apps that enable viewing of
various file formats on Apple™ devices. But the catch is that you need a different
app for each format – for example to open Word, Excel, Keynote or PDF files.

But with iTreasure™ you no longer need all these apps, because with our handy
ProtectStar™ Smart Viewer you can view, read, send, compress, or print
(via AirPrint™) all types of documents, pictures, videos, presentations and
much more – right in the safe environment of your secure vault.

Moreover, thanks to future updates and the planned launch (on a
rolling basis) of various editor functions, you’ll be able to edit
and process various file formats right in iTreasure™ and convert
them to other formats.

The iTreasure™’s full-screen option with zoom function makes
viewing pictures, videos, and presentations a veritable pleasure,
and makes it super easy to share your photos and notes from
iTreasure™ with friends via Facebook™ and Twitter™.

And of course you can use iTreasure™ to play your music and
videos in numerous formats like MP3, MP4, AVI and MPEG. Plus you
can play back your audio and video files wirelessly on your TV or stereo
using the included AirPlay™ function.

An ingenious function: ProtectStar™ iFile Server

Manage and exchange files wirelessly

ProtectStar iFileThe ProtectStar™ iFile Server is seamlessly compatible with iTreasure™. This function allows you to upload and download all of your files, documents, videos, music and pictures to and from your data vault via drag and drop and your web browser, thanks to the user friendly Webkonsole function.

This function is compatible with all browsers and the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

The Ingenious ProtectStar™ iFile Server tool enables you to securely save, share, view, manage and print (including using mobile devices) all computer files in the network.

What’s more, even fast data transfers are maximally safeguarded against intruders, because when your files are copied from your computer to iTreasure™, they’re protected against eavesdropping by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transfer protocol.


As iTreasure™ is AirPlay™ enabled, you can readily view on a TV presentations, videos and pictures from your secure data vault – wirelessly via an Apple™ TV. What’s more, ProtectStar™ enables you to transfer audio files from iTreasure™ to an AirPlay™ enabled stereo.


If you have an AirPrint™ compatible printer in your network, you can print documents, notes, and the like right from ProtectStar™ iTreasure™, without the need to copy or forward a single file.

Backup, recover and share files via
Apple™ iCloud™ and Dropbox™

iTreasure™ is seamlessly interoperable with Apple™ iCloud™ and Dropbox™. Which means that you can realize completely secure downloads from your data vault to your iCloud™ and Dropbox™ account.

And if your iPhone™, iPad™ or iPod™ is lost or stolen, an encrypted backup of your data will be available in the cloud.

This function can also be used to keep your data updated in real time, if you use iTreasure™ with multiple devices. And of course this updating occurs automatically, without the need to copy any data.

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Features of ProtectStar™ iTreasure™ PRO

256-bit AES encryption check
File Safe Protectioncheck
ProtectStar™ Smart Viewercheck
AirPrint™ and AirPlay™check
Apple™ iCloud™ integratedcheck
DropBox™ integratedcheck
Technical e-mail supportcheck
Secure storage of pictures and videoscheck
Secure file and document storage check
Secure note storage check
Folder creation check
Importing files into iTreasure™ check
File e-mailing check
Posting files on Facebook™ or Twitter™check
Optimized for iPhone™ and iPod™ touchcheck
Optimized for iPad™ check
Automatic deletion based on government security standardscheck
ProtectStar™ iFile Servercheck
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