Sustainability &

Our planet's resources are limited, and an intact environment is anything but self-evident in today's world. We believe that sustainability and environmental protection are easy to implement, especially in our industry.

With this in mind, we accept our responsibility. We want to lead Protectstar™ into the future with sensible and sustainable behavior.

Our innovative security solutions protect computers, tablets, and smartphones. All apps are designed to use less power and conserve your device's battery - even on older devices. When it is time for a new one, then recycling, trading or reselling helps the planet. To delete your data irretrievably and give your device into foreign hands with a good feeling, we have developed the iShredder app.

Sustainability & Responsibility

What potential do we still exploit to work
in a resource-saving manner?

  • Since our foundation in 2004, we have been promoting working from the home office. This way, we do not need large offices and save electricity, water, and energy. Furthermore, working from the home office reduces stress and promotes productivity.
  • Our most significant step towards a better CO2 balance is the reduction of official channels. We do without long business trips and thus avoid flights or tours by car. If necessary and if possible, we prefer to travel by train.
  • We use renewable energies. All our servers are powered by electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. We also try to reduce our power consumption more and more. We use energy-saving laptops instead of high-performance workstations.
  • We also reduce the consumption of paper and printing ink. Should a printout be necessary, we only use energy-saving printers.

Not only environmental protection and resource conservation are on our schedule, but also process optimization.
At Protectstar™, we are continually improving our internal processes. We use online tools for our project management and rely on digitalization. This leads to the savings, as mentioned above, and the conservation of existing resources. Admittedly these are small steps, but they are a matter of the heart because we want to enjoy the beauty of our planet for a long time to come.